How tradespeople can keep themselves motivated and ensure 2021 is a success | Corporate Coach Group

How tradespeople can keep themselves motivated and ensure 2021 is a success | Corporate Coach Group

Since the government announced the third national lockdown people in the trades have been hit with increasing uncertainty around business and for many their work has dropped-off significantly.

To help people stay motivated during these difficult times and to inspire tradespeople to achieve their personal and professional ambitions this year, Chris Farmer, leadership and management expert at Corporate Coach Group has put together three top tips for creating and sustaining a positive mental attitude which will help you make 2021 a successful year.

Form a support network with like-minded people

The ongoing restrictions mean many tradespeople will either be working alone or coming into contact with fewer colleagues than usual. Understandably many people are missing the usual social interactions. In order to compensate for this reduced interaction, it is a good idea to create an alliance with two or three other tradespeople who (preferably), you do not work with, but who are in a similar position as you. You will all be able to inspire and support each other through any difficulties you may be facing.

Focus on your end goal

It is important to remember that this pandemic will not last forever and life will return to some normality again; at which point you want to be in a position to achieve your long-term aspirations. If you’re not working or have seen business drop-off considerably it’s easy to feel demoralised, but you should view this as an opportunity for growth. You could consider developing your knowledge of digital marketing or maybe upskill in areas such as renewable energy or automaton. This proactivity will mean once business improves you will be able to take full advantage of the opportunities that come your way.

Start today by setting short-term goals which feed into a bigger long-term goal. Goal setting provides you with something positive to focus on and to work towards. The first step to achieving a goal is to set it. If you would like some further advice on how to set goals you can read our guide here.

Maintain a well-balanced and active lifestyle

Many tradespeople have a lot on their minds currently. It can therefore be easy to slip into unhealthy habits like snacking on treats high in sugar as well as spending too much time watching TV. Not only are these habits unhealthy they often make people feel worse because they become physically sluggish.

A simple way you can improve your nutrition is to cut down on your consumption of obviously trashy foods. Instead of taking a couple of chocolate bars to snack on throughout the day, think about replacing them with fruit such as an apple.

Ending the day by going for a walk in the local neighbourhood you have been working in is also a great way to ensure you keep on top of your mental and physical wellbeing. It might sound simple but a bit of fresh air and a change of scenery (so long as the guidelines allow it) is a great way to boost your morale.


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