Installed audio/entertainment systems: an exciting opportunity for electricians | Lithe Audio

Installed audio/entertainment systems: an exciting opportunity for electricians | Lithe Audio

As more electricians embrace installed audio/entertainment as an additional skillset, Amit Ravat, MD of Lithe Audio, demystifies the installation process for an easy upsell opportunity.

In the ever-evolving world of technology, electricians are finding new avenues to broaden their skill sets and offer added value to their clients. One such area gaining traction is installed audio/entertainment systems. However, we still encounter misconceptions surrounding the complexity and technicality of this field.

In this Q&A article, I aim to debunk myths, demystify the process and shed light on the opportunities that electricians can seize by embracing installed audio/entertainment as an extra string to their bow.

Q. Is installed audio/entertainment a highly specialised and technical field?

Contrary to popular belief, installed audio/entertainment systems aren’t as complex as they may seem. Many electricians already possess the foundational knowledge required to install and integrate these systems effectively. With a basic understanding of electrical wiring, circuits, and control systems, electricians can easily adapt their expertise to this area.

Choosing Lithe Audio makes the task even easier, as our award-winning WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0 ceiling speakers offer an all-in-one solution with everything built-in, including the high quality amp. They’re simply connected to the existing lighting circuit or any power feed.

IP-rated versions are available for use in bathrooms, and multiple speakers can be connected for a whole-home sound system operated via Apple Airplay2 or Google Chromecast. They can also be voice-controlled via Alexa or Google. They’ll provide powerful, high-quality audio at a price that won’t break the bank, making them highly attractive to consumers looking for an affordable integrated audio system.

Q. What are the benefits of offering installed audio/entertainment services?

By diversifying their services to include installed audio/entertainment systems, electricians can tap into new market opportunities. Homeowners and businesses are increasingly seeking integrated audio solutions that seamlessly blend with their surroundings. By offering these services, electricians can meet the growing demand and provide a comprehensive package that includes lighting, electrical, and audio solutions.

Q. Are there any specific training or certifications required?

While formal training or certifications in installed audio/entertainment systems can be beneficial, they’re not always mandatory. Many manufacturers offer resources, tutorials, and support to help electricians gain the necessary knowledge and confidence in this field. Additionally, hands-on experience and collaboration with experienced audio professionals can enhance an electrician’s skills in this area.

Q. What types of projects can electricians undertake in installing audio/entertainment?

The possibilities are vast. Electricians can handle a range of projects, from installing in-ceiling or in-wall speakers in kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms to setting up whole home multi-room audio systems or installs in hotels or restaurants. They can integrate audio with existing electrical systems, ensuring a seamless, fast and efficient installation process. Modern active systems such as Lithe Audio’s in-ceiling or surface mount speaker are powered like a light fitting, making them installable in virtually any environment or project type. Electricians can also collaborate with interior designers and architects to create customised audio solutions that enhance the aesthetics and functionality of a space.

Q. How can electricians educate themselves about installed audio/entertainment?

Electricians can explore resources provided by audio equipment manufacturers, attend webinars or trade shows, and network with professionals in the audio industry. Additionally, engaging in online Facebook groups, forums and communities such as Smart Homee or becoming members of organisations like Cedia can foster knowledge-sharing and provide valuable insights into best practices and emerging trends.

To help expand your expertise, we’ve developed a free ‘Lithe Audio Pro Installer’ programme which offers product training via online webinars or pre-recorded ‘on demand’ videos, access to exclusive POS, demo units, free speaker placement service, previews and updates, plus support and advice on specific installations. Once authorised, we’ll also recommend your services to local customers by adding your contact details to our ‘find an installer’ map on our website.

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  • Lithe Audio Pro Ceiling Speaker

Q. Are there any regulatory considerations when working with installed audio/entertainment?

Compliance with relevant building codes and regulations is crucial in any electrical project, including installed audio/entertainment systems. Electricians should ensure they adhere to safety standards, Wiring Regulations, and any local guidelines specific to their region. Using fire and acoustic hoods in projects and power drivers designed for in-ceiling applications while working with manufacturers will provide clarity on these requirements for each project.


Installed audio/entertainment systems present an exciting opportunity for electricians to expand their horizons. By dispelling myths about complexity and embracing the available resources and support, professionals can confidently offer these services alongside their existing expertise.

Get more details about the full Lithe Audio range of installed audio/entertainment solutions here

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