Kosnic Lighting | Flexible Friend

Kosnic Lighting | Flexible Friend

Following the launch of its Universal Blanca LED Bulkhead, Kosnic Lighting looks at some specific applications where the range could be put to good use.

Market research amongst installers has highlighted that there is a huge demand for a one-size-fits-all bulkhead product. It is this feedback which has led Kosnic to develop a multi-functional solution that offers even more flexibility in aesthetics while working in conjunction with the company’s renowned LED DD lamp.

All-in-one Bulkhead design
The IP65/IK10 rated Blanca LED Bulkhead range offers a choice of two slim bulkhead bases. Select from either a standard utility ‘fixed lamp’ low-cost option, with integrated 12W LED tray, or an ‘interchangeable lamp’ version that works with Kosnic’s LED DD lamps, of which there are 12 different variants. In terms of design, there are four different clip-on decorative rim attachments in white, chrome, brass or black-eyelid rim.

Together, the range allows for a total of 120 different product combinations, delivering the ultimate in flexibility.

Easier to install
The Blanca LED Bulkhead is simple to install, featuring a push-wire connector inside the bulkhead that makes wiring quick and easy. Additionally, the same fitting can be used for both plain ‘utility-style’ outdoor solutions and the decorative indoor solutions.

The low-profile base means that the lamp sits much lower in the unit to create more even light distribution, even when the three-hour emergency option is fitted. The lamp’s diffuser has also been upgraded to deliver an impressive 75% transmittance for the variety of LED DD lamps. Choose from the standard LED DD in 9W, 12W or 18W versions, the Sensor model in 12W or 18W, or two new models: the 12W Dimmable version or the Dusk to Dawn LED DD in 9W, 12W or 18W.


Saves energy
The new Dimmable model is ideal for accommodation where the DD lamp is the main source of light, such as student accommodation or nursing homes. It allows for the ambience to be adjusted with a dimmer, which also aids energy savings.

Meanwhile, the 12W Dusk to Dawn LED DD increases energy savings by optimising lamp performance. The lamp features a light sensor positioned inside the bulkhead, behind the diffuser. Because the sensor is designed to only react to the UV and IR components in natural daylight, it’ll only turn on/off when these components reach predefined levels.

Application suggestions
In terms of installation, this universal product is suitable for a much wider range of applications. Taking a student’s halls of residence as an example, the standard integrated bulkhead can be installed in a bathroom with a simple on/off function. Then, for a bedroom or communal living area, a bulkhead with a dimmable LED DD could be fitted for flexible ambience.

For the corridors, a bulkhead with a microwave sensor can detect movement so that it delivers a lighting level of just 10% when the corridor isn’t in use but then increases to 100% when a person moves into that area. The ‘plug and play’ emergency module is also extremely important in this application, and will provide low level lighting for up to three hours in the event of a power outage.

Finally, a bulkhead with a Dawn to Dusk LED DD and a plain utility cover could be fitted outdoors so that light is automatically provided at night without wasting energy during the day. The range is IK10 vandal resistant rated and anti-theft screws can also be ordered separately.

For more information about the Blanca Bulkhead range from Kosnic Lighting visit: www.kosnic.com

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