Latest upgrades to the Fortress circuit protection range | BG Electrical

Latest upgrades to the Fortress circuit protection range | BG Electrical

The Fortress circuit protection range from BG is about to launch its latest upgrade. David Cleaver, Product Director, talks us through the latest improvements and how this launch dovetails with the new guidelines around Amendment 2 (2022) to BS 7671:2018 (IET Wiring Regulations).

We continuously aim to help contractors complete installations in a much quicker and easier fashion – this is always the key driver behind our ongoing product development. Therefore, the basis of our continuous product development comes from trusted contractor feedback. The timing of these latest changes is of no coincidence; with Amendment 2 of the 18th Edition (BS 7671:2018+A2:2022) now released, the upgraded Fortress will be available to the market from this month onwards.

Fortress’ new features

The main changes centre around a redesigned base and lid, with optimised cable entry points, improved connection and new blanking covers. Of course, this goes hand-in-hand with a raft of new devices and board configurations to meet the new AMD2 guidelines.

Cable knockouts

Based on feedback, knockout positions have been moved to the top and bottom of the base. Why is this better? This change enables the incoming wires to be in line with the offset incomer, making installation easier and termination of the cables more straightforward. This helps to minimise stress on the cable, termination DIN rail, and devices. The knockouts themselves now have reduced contact points, making removal easier and protecting the board against damage during this process. For our recessed variants, we have added additional knockouts to the rear.


Improved lid and base

The new lid has been redesigned to add strength and rigidity whilst ensuring an accurate and secure fit with the base. The base itself has also been beefed up, additional strengthening ribs on the top and bottom faces, ensure the base is rock solid when being secured. A step-down aperture has been added to improve the fit around the devices and blanks, when fitting the cover. What’s more, a new and convenient lid retainer (available from September) allows the lid to be held open. This simple solution is a significant change when finishing an install, or checking the board, leaving both hands free to access the devices.

More new features to look out for

Inside the board, the cable pin terminal has been removed from the internal neutral connections, improving the connection with the terminal block – providing a more even terminal torque and greater surface area. Newly designed blank cover plates offer a more rigid and improved fit. The blank covers simply twist and slide in place securely. To remove, a tool is required, guaranteeing they cannot be easily moved. This is an important safety feature. Furthermore, a slimmer version will also be available to ensure the IP2XC rating criteria is met.

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Making it easy to comply

At BG Electrical, we aim to help our contractors meet all standards and requirements. In anticipation of Amendment 2 of the 18th Edition, we have reviewed our range to make sure contractors find it easy to comply.

The main change is around regulation 421.1.7, which we believe will result in Arc Fault Detection Devices (AFDDs) being mandated in specific installations and recommended in others. This will mean that their use will become more widespread.

The second notable change falls under regulation 443.4, which will see Surge Protection Devices more commonplace in most installations, especially in residential applications.

Finally, the third major difference will impact regulations 531.3.2 and 531.3.3, requiring more A Type RCDs/RCBOs devices in place of AC Type devices. We expect this to lead to an increase in demand for RCBO devices in residential applications.

Our range of Fortress devices has been extended with AFDDs. Combined with our existing Surge Protection and A Type RCD and RCBOs, everything a contractor needs to meet the new regulations has been covered. Additionally, all devices in the Fortress range are forward and backward compatible with our new and existing consumer units.

In summary

The latest upgrades to BG Fortress have optimised its design, making the range more robust, quicker to install and fully compliant with all new guidelines. These changes have been made with the help of trusted installers working with our product experts to help meet the requirements of imminent regulation changes. We want to thank all the contractors that provided us with their feedback and those that collaborated directly with us.

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For a comprehensive overview of the regulation changes and how they affect our products, we recommend attending one of our BG Electrical 18th Edition Amendment 2 presentations.

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