Marshall-Tufflex’s ‘Sustainable PVC-U Cable Management Systems’ CPD-accredited course

Marshall-Tufflex’s ‘Sustainable PVC-U Cable Management Systems’ CPD-accredited course

We catch up with Martin Russell, Group Product Manager at Marshall-Tufflex, to learn more about why the company is going the extra mile to empower electricians with the knowledge they require.

Q. You’ve just launched your first CPD-accredited course – Sustainable PVC-U Cable Management Systems. Why is this subject area important and what does the course cover?

With the construction industry being a significant contributor to waste in the UK, it’s crucial that electrical specifiers begin to look closely at the recycled content of the products they choose and understand the options that are available to them, to reduce impact where possible.

Cable management can represent a substantial component of an interior fit-out, especially for larger buildings and sizable developments, so understanding where simple improvements can be made regarding sustainability can be a huge benefit – not only in reducing waste and embodied carbon, but also in terms of winning contracts where an environmental roadmap is required as part of the project brief or contract.

Our ‘Sustainable PVC-U Cable Management Systems’ CPD provides an overview of how recycled material is used within PVC-U cable management systems and how its use can aid sustainability and the circular economy. It helps to make this important topic more readily accessible to everyone, as well as counter some of the (mis)conceptions that some may have regarding products that incorporate recycled material.

Q. How do electricians sign up for the course, and how is it delivered?

Individuals can register their interest via our provider page on the CPD Certification Service website, or by contacting either our technical services hotline or their local Marshall-Tufflex Area Sales Manager.

The one-hour CPD is delivered in person, by a member of our specification team at a preferred location (typically at a customer’s premises). On completion, the delegate will receive an electronic certificate from the CPD Certification Service and 1 x point (one hour) of CPD learning.

Q. Why is it crucial for professionals to have a deeper understanding of subjects related to cable management systems?

When choosing a cable management system, there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. Many factors must be considered, including the needs of the building occupants, the environmental conditions and installation factors. This is then layered with more tenders being awarded on environmental criteria, so it’s important that electrical professionals are familiar with the different cable management systems available in order to make an informed specification and select the most appropriate solution.

Q. Do you plan to add more CPD courses and subjects in the future?

Absolutely. Our plan is to release further CPDs which will focus on installation best practice of different types of cable management systems. We also offer CPD resources on dado trunking installation best practice and underfloor wiring systems.

We’re looking forward to receiving feedback from professionals on these, as well as any suggestions for future topics, so we can continue to develop a suite of valuable resources to help support the industry.

Q. How important is it for professionals to undertake CPD (and manufacturers to offer it), and do you see CPD’s relevance growing further in the future?

Construction continues to move at a fast pace, with an increasing pipeline of work that needs a skilled and growing workforce in order to keep up with demand.

At Marshall-Tufflex, we believe that CPDs offer an easily accessible, yet valuable opportunity to improve knowledge, skills and keep up-to-date with trends and innovations, regardless of where you are in your career.

We look forward to offering more CPD topics and seminars over the coming months to enable this.

Get more details on Marshall-Tufflex’s full CPD offering here

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