Mersen’s TERRA surge protection range

Mersen’s TERRA surge protection range

We discover more about the latest developments in surge protection technology and find out why Mersen’s latest offering could benefit your next installation.

Any manufacturing and processing facility with motors stopping and starting, light load panels being turned on and off frequently, and other potential power disturbances is at risk from the damage caused by surge spikes.

Surges can occur frequently, leading to constant stress on electronic and electrical components. Ultimately, this continued stress will result in failure, the tripping of RCDs, unplanned production outages and the associated costs.

To help avoid such issues, Mersen has a comprehensive offering of surge protection solutions, including the advanced pluggable ‘Surge Trap’ TERRA surge protection devices.

Redefining surge protection

The TERRA surge protection range is claimed to be the first on the market that, in addition to indicating that it is properly installed and wired, guarantees that there is an adequate path to earth, which is essential if the protection device is to shunt the energy peaks to earth effectively.

With an Earth Monitoring System, and for the protection to work properly, the correct status of the earthing system in an electrical installation is essential. Wouldn’t it, therefore, be beneficial to be able to see what percentage of your installed surge protection is providing effective protection?

TERRA’s simple information system makes it perfect for both unskilled personnel and maintenance engineers and technicians who specialise in earth connections to view the current earthing status.

A series of bright LED lights provide the user with a variety of information – steady green means all is well, while flashing and steady amber and red indicators means that something is causing an issue and should be investigated further.

TERRA helps the user avoid situations that might cause power cuts, processing downtime and the resultant repair costs, which could result in damage to both the installation and your brand reputation. This dependable surge protection device relays additional information about the earthing system, providing additional opportunities for general protection and safety – not just for surge protection.


Confirmation of proper installation

It is relatively common for wiring errors to occur during the installation of surge protection devices, potentially resulting in the loss of protection or risks to the installation itself. When the TERRA LED is green, it indicates that the protection device is properly wired and powered up, flashing and steady amber indicates that surge protection is not operating effectively, and a flashing and steady red LED means there is a serious issue.

Effective surge protection

Even when equipped with surge protection devices an electrical installation may still be subject to the effects of overvoltage if the earth connection is inadequate or in poor condition. When the TERRA LED is green, it indicates that the ground path is good enough to shunt the energy peaks to ground effectively.

Safety information in the event of indirect contact

With surge protection devices, the safety of the electrical installation in the event of indirect contact is based on there being an earthing connection. When the TERRA cannot detect any ground connection, it is advisable to check the installation status.

Earth connection importance

Surge protection devices discharge excess energy to earth, limiting the peak voltage to a value acceptable for the connected electrical equipment. An earth, in proper conditions, is not to be overlooked when it comes to effective surge protection. The TERRA range continuously monitors the state of the earth connection, ensuring the proper operation of surge protection devices.

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