Product in Practice: Tridonic EM ready2apply Emergency Lighting

Product in Practice: Tridonic EM ready2apply Emergency Lighting

In this case study article we find out how Tridonic’s EM ready2apply emergency lighting has helped one printing firm to see the light.

With over 60 years’ experience in the print industry, Murrays Printers is used to having to adapt to changes in technology. So, when it came to refurbishing the lighting in its Milton Keynes premises the company jumped at the chance to be one of the first sites in the UK install Tridonic’s EM ready2apply, an ‘out-of-the-box’ emergency lighting solution.

“We had already planned to replace all the existing fluorescent fittings with LEDs with a self-contained emergency element but when I found out about the EM ready2apply, so I thought this would be a far more efficient and aesthetic solution;” explained Gary Fisher of Lougar Electrical who carried out the refurbishment programme.

The EM ready2apply is a complete unit which is fitted with the ease of a standard recess lighting fitting. The simplicity of installation meant far less disruption to Murray’s business and with an eight-year design life and a three-year guarantee for the lithium-ion battery, disruption from future maintenance is not going to be a problem.

Pat Chard, MD at Murray’s Printers, said: “We are delighted with the finished refurbishment. The LEDs deliver a far better quality of light and when we tested the emergency fittings I was surprised by the light output from such a small and discrete unit.”

“I’m definitely going into the wholesalers with Tridonic top of my list for future projects;” jokes Gary.

The EM ready2apply also comes with an interchangeable lens design to give the user a choice of how they want the product to perform without stocking separate units.

The “BlackBox” monitoring gives over 40 data points and ultrasonic welding has been used to finally seal the housing shut (clips took up too much space). The product is available through Tridonic’s proven network of approved distributors or over the counter at electrical wholesalers.

The key elements of its specification are as follows:

  • Maintained and Non-maintained variants
  • Basic, self-test, and DALI (PRO)
  • 3 interchangeable lenses with push-click-connection (anti-panic, escape route and spot)
  • Impressive spacings with lens technology.
  • Battery with an 8-year design life and 3-year guarantee
  • 5-year electronics guarantee



For more information on EM ready2apply emergency lighting please visit the Tridonic website at:

Alternatively, click here to read a more extensive EM ready2apply product review from Gary Fisher


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