What benefits does the BG Storm range provide? | BG Electrical

What benefits does the BG Storm range provide? | BG Electrical

David Cleaver, Product Director at BG Electrical, outlines the latest improvements to the BG Storm outdoor socket range and the benefits to contractors and end-users alike.

Weatherproof outdoor sockets provide a safe and convenient power solution to homes and businesses alike. The BG Storm weatherproof range has been on the market for over ten years and has received many awards during this time. Following advances in manufacturing technology and feedback from installers, the product has undergone a recent upgrade, making it even easier to install and operate.

Continuing to improve

Even if units may be selling well and proving popular, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t seek to further enhance our products. BG Electrical understands this and takes product development seriously, continually reviewing and updating its offer, to provide even better user experiences for the contractor and the end-user alike.

The updates to the range have been made as a direct result of contractor feedback and will be made available from this month onwards.

These improvements centre around ensuring the installation and usage is much simpler. This offers a win-win; the contractor benefits from a quick and straightforward installation and the end-user will see the results of a solution that offers improved usability, in any weather.

For installers, new fast-fix 150° screw-turn covers remove the need for loose screws and screw covers completely, ensuring a much faster and easier install. Likewise, the new quick release front plate and quarter turn screws also removes the need for loose screws and screw covers, delivering the same benefits. Increased rigidity through internal strengthening walls of the rear box also prevents distortion when fitting to uneven surfaces.

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Reduced risk of impact damage

For end-users, the introduction of larger open-and-close paddles offers smoother and easier operation, particularly in wet or cold weather. This change is particularly beneficial to users with less manual dexterity and strength. These paddles are also recessed, smooth and flush fit, greatly reducing the risk of damage from impact, whilst enhancing the aesthetic of the unit and delivering greater longevity.

In addition, patented cable entry prevents accidental opening of the cover as it keeps the lid safely closed, even if the connection cable is accidentally pulled.

Other improvements include the improved fit of internal IP rated seals over the fixing points, as well as additional sealant channels added to the fixing points. The side grid now has additional ribs on the covers, which aids opening and improves the rigidity of the cover.

Finally, BG Electrical branding has been added to the fascia to distinguish the Storm sockets from other unbranded products on the market. This ensures end-users can be confident that their purchase is from a reputable brand with decades of experience, backed up by a solid 25-year guarantee on electro-mechanical parts (10-year guarantee on Wi-Fi extenders and three-year guarantee on Smart).

This new, innovative Storm range from BG undoubtedly offers contractors a product that is easier-to-install and use, providing peace of mind for end-users.

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