Burg-Wächter supports Rainy Day Trust & Toolstation’s tool theft awareness campaign

Burg-Wächter supports Rainy Day Trust & Toolstation’s tool theft awareness campaign

As part of its Secure Communities Scheme, leading security specialist, Burg-Wächter UK, has pledged to support the Rainy Day Trust – the only charity specifically supporting the home improvement industry – to supply security equipment to independent trades people who fall victim to tool theft in its joint campaign with Toolstation.

Tool theft rise

Bryan Clover, Chief Executive of the Rainy Day Trust said, ‘Tool theft is becoming more prevalent and that is a factor of the way the economy is going. In fact, in 2020 alone, almost 11,300 tool thefts from vehicles were reported. If your power tools are gone and you’re a roofer for example, you can’t go to work the next day – its as simple as that.

Replace and protect

Bryan continued, ‘However, if the worst does happen, the Rainy Day Trust is here to help. Once verified as a genuine claim, replacement tools are organised as quickly as possible to help minimise the disruption a theft can cause.

‘Our partnership with Toolstation was offered additional support by Burg-Wächter UK, who were happy to help by providing a package of security products ideal for protecting van doors as well as bolts and chains to secure both vehicles and tools. Although good insurance will help mitigate the loss in the first instance, fitting good strong high-quality security devices will help to protect against and deter future attacks.’

Andrew Field, Managing Director at Burg-Wächter UK said, ‘We are very proud to be able to support the Rainy Day Trust and Toolstation’s tool theft awareness campaign by providing practical help – in the form of high-quality security products – to tradespeople who are victims of burglary, as swiftly as possible to help protect not only their essential tools but also their livelihoods.’

For more information on the Rainy Day Trust call 0203 192 0486 or click here

For more information on Burg-Wächter’s home security products, call 01274 395 333 or click here

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