Reliable dimming solutions for domestic and commercial lighting | Enkin

Reliable dimming solutions for domestic and commercial lighting | Enkin

We find out more about the introduction of a new range of intelligent dimming solutions that will help to address the challenges commonly associated with domestic and commercial lighting.

Enkin is an innovative new electrical company that specialises in reliable dimming solutions for domestic and commercial lighting. Creators of the LED dimming toggle switch module, the brand offers quality dimmers that aim to set a new standard of lighting control.

Driven to address the complex challenges of dimming low voltage, digitally-controlled LED drivers from a 240 V mains supply, Enkin has engineered pioneering new technology and a range of high-performance dimming modules that delivers reliability, versatility and efficiency.

With a combined expertise of 60 years in the industry, the technical team at Enkin knows first-hand the common problems and pain points that electricians encounter when integrating traditional dimmers into a lighting project – from persistent flickering and buzzing, to a jarring jump in light levels when you adjust up or down.

As such, Enkin’s modules have been developed to counter these issues: they are silent, flicker-free, and cut on the trailing edge for smooth and effective dimming control.


  • Standardised push button technology for easy set-up in 15 seconds.
  • Compatibility tested with over 60 leading luminaire manufacturers.
  • Switchable driving modes alternating between leading and trailing edge.
  • Reduced housing size compatible with most switch manufacturers.
  • Compatible grid adapters for leading switch manufacturers.
  • Robust safety features.
  • Oversized terminals to accommodate multiple cables and a more secure fit.
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Some of the product highlights from the Enkin range include:

PDM250 Intelligent Multi-Way Dimmer Module

Automatically assesses the load of the lights and adjusts power accordingly, extending LED lifetime and providing a ‘soft start’. Multi-way technology enables dimming control from up to 20 locations without the use of a master/slave system.

PDM400 Intelligent Dimmer

The robust PDM400 provides much more power to your lights, allowing you to place a larger load on the dimmer itself. This means you can use just one PDM400 to control a larger capacity of lighting without having to split the load between two or more dimmers on separate circuits.

ZDM150 Zigbee Dimmer Module

State-of-the-art smart technology enables lighting control from any location via smartphone. Turn lights on, off, dim up or down, or create pre-set ambient settings for different moods and moments.

Joshua Hammerton, Co-founder and Technical Director for Enkin, said: “We’re excited to bring our LED dimming modules to market. The team have worked incredibly hard over the last three years to understand the current pain points and frustrations within the dimming world and find the solution by creating this technology. Our dedication to research and developing software that moves on from what is currently available really sets us apart from many others.”

Browse Enkin’s full range of dimming modules here

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