Podcast launch will keep the industry up to date with WATT’S CURRENT

Podcast launch will keep the industry up to date with WATT’S CURRENT

NAPIT has recently unveiled a brand new industry podcast – WATT’S CURRENT.

The NAPIT team will be releasing a new episode every other Wednesday, with each episode a bite-sized 20-30 minutes, making them ideal to listen to on your drive into work, walking the dog, or while you’re working.

Hosted by NAPIT Technical Commercial Manager, Steve Humphreys, WATT’S CURRENT will feature a variety of topics and themes, such as:

  • Providing valuable insights and discussions on the latest developments of NAPIT and the other services on offer, such as NAPIT Training and Insurance
  • Educating and informing listeners with technical insight
  • Discussing any industry updates, new technologies, regulation changes and issues from within the wider electrical industry

NAPIT will be inviting perspectives from a number of industry experts, and other professionals in the field to provide a dynamic and engaging listening experience for the audience.

NAPIT is also encouraging listeners to write in with suggestions of topics they’d like to see covered in the future. You can email your suggestions to: besocial@napit.org.uk.

The WATT’S CURRENT pocast is available on all major listening platforms, as well as on its own hosting site.

Visit the site and access the podcast by clicking here

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