MK Electric Insights: safe and reliable outdoor power solutions

MK Electric Insights: safe and reliable outdoor power solutions

Spring is almost here, meaning businesses and homeowners alike will be starting to think about getting outdoors, hence it is vital for electricians to be able to offer a safe and reliable outdoor power solution. Emma Segelov, EMEA Marketing Operations Manager discusses.

Despite the unpredictable UK weather, the approaching warmer seasons mean outdoor power sources will become increasingly important for both the commercial and residential sectors. Many businesses such as restaurants, bars, event venues, and holiday parks will be preparing for outdoor activities to generate additional revenue, while many homeowners will be looking to make the most of their much-loved gardens.

Outdoor power allows businesses to offer patrons lots of different events and activities and make their existing spaces more attractive to passing trade; from outdoor seating in cafés and bars, to festivals, weddings and street food events. At the same time, homeowners can enjoy their outdoor spaces, at any time and in any weather, with patio heaters, electric BBQs, ambient lighting and much more.

Also, people are increasingly aware of the benefits that nature has for mental health, so they want to spent more time outdoors for this reason. So, for businesses, creating relaxing outdoor spaces will hopefully create more footfall and contribute to an overall more positive customer experience, while homeowners want to create a little outdoor haven where they can de-stress.

In fact, mental health charity MIND found that one in four people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year. Therefore, it is very pertinent that a trend set to gain momentum in 2020 is the use of external and green spaces to promote good mental health – known as ‘ecotherapy’.

The ability to combine physical activity and social contact while being surrounded by nature is thought to be beneficial for our mental health. Consequently, access to outdoor power will become increasingly important for homeowners and businesses alike – with restaurants, event venues, and holiday parks using outdoor spaces to create a calming retreat for their customers.

This presents an excellent opportunity for electricians who can offer a protective solution to deliver reliable power for outdoor activities, come rain or shine.

For instance, Masterseal Plus is IP66 rated when in use, meaning it’s dust-tight and offers total protection against high-pressure water jets. Made from high-strength polycarbonate – a durable UV stable material which won’t crack or fade in the sunlight and is also found in the protection of motorcycle helmets – it features rear drill holes and a gasket which is fixed to the mounting frame. This makes it quick and easy for electricians to install.

When it first launched in 1993, Masterseal was the first product of its kind on the market. Now, the range extends to more than 90 product variants, with enclosures that house products from the Logic Plus product range and colour options of grey and white.

With products like these on the market, electricians can point businesses in the right direction, ultimately helping them to get outdoor ready, keeping customers happy and resulting in more sales.

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