Ensuring installations are fully compliant | Marshall-Tufflex

Ensuring installations are fully compliant | Marshall-Tufflex

Ensuring that cable management installations are fully compliant goes beyond a product’s size and compartments. Here, Nick Hayler, Technical and Product QA Manager at Marshall-Tufflex discusses what should be considered.

The correct selection of cable management products should ensure that data and cabling are correctly routed, sized, and safe from tampering. In addition, there is also legislation and regulations that need to be adhered to, related to a building owner’s specific duty of care around areas such as fire and accessibility. Here, we take a more detailed look.

BS 7671

Electricians should be aware that following a number of injures and tragic deaths of firefighters, Regulation 521.10.202 from BS 7671 IET Wiring Regulations (18th Edition) came into effect.

This regulation means there is a requirement to ensure that cables within cable management systems must be fully supported throughout an entire building installation. This is because in the event of a fire, the structure of the building can behave unpredictably – warping and destroying cable housing. Once this happens, unsecured cables can fall and entangle evacuating occupants and emergency services attempting rescue.

The regulation also stipulates that the sole use of non-metallic cable clips is not acceptable in installations, and that the clips used to secure cables cannot be destroyed by fire and must be attached to the building structure.

To ensure these requirements are met, it is in electricians’ best interests to purchase high quality fire clips that meet all necessary requirements and guarantee performance in the event of a fire, such as the Firefly Fire Clips range from Marshall-Tufflex. Each product has been designed to be fire resistant above 1000°C for up to 120 minutes and are suitable for use with multiple products in its cable management catalogue. The products are also simple to use for both new installations, and retrofit, so you can ensure even an existing installation is fully compliant.


Approved Document M covers the ease of access to, and use of, buildings and facilities for disabled visitors or occupants, and the ability to move through a building easily. The document also covers cable management solutions, to ensure switches and plugs can be easily located and used by building occupants and visitors with impaired vision.

Therefore, electricians should be using accessory boxes and plates of contrasting colours so that they are easily found. Electricians must also be aware that to meet Part M, wall-mounted sockets are located between 400mm and 1,000mm above the floor, with reference for the lower end of the range. In addition, they must be located consistently in relation to doorways and room corners, but no closer than 350mm to either.

Electricians have an obligation to ensure that installations meet legislation, as this can save lives. By taking a holistic approach during the purchasing stage, it can be ensured the whole installation will reach compliance with ease.


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