Scolmore | Market Trends: Grid’s in

Scolmore | Market Trends: Grid’s in

Scolmore explains why its latest range of wiring accessories is proving popular with electricians. 

Launched in June this year and already proving hugely popular is Scolmore Group’s new GridPro collection – an extensive range of interchangeable mounting plates and modules, available in a comprehensive choice of finishes, to offer the ultimate in flexible, modular grid solutions.

Building on the company’s hugely successful MiniGrid range, GridPro has been developed with speed and ease of installation as its key attributes. It offers installers the flexibility to create multi-function, 1 to 24 gang plates which are styled to seamlessly integrate with Scolmore’s vast range of Click wiring accessories and are designed to complement any existing wiring installation.

With a number of unique features to set it apart, the range offers contractors a quality modular wiring solution, allowing them to take on a variety of projects from domestic through to bigger and more complex commercial installations.

No yoking
Unique to GridPro is the screw attachment feature, which means that no yoke is required for any modules when using 1-4 gang plates – the modules can be simply screwed directly on to the plates. With some products on the market requiring yokes to be purchased as separate components, this will have implications when considering overall costs and labour requirements for a project.

Because the 1-4 gang plates do not require a yoke, installers have the added advantage that the GridPro modules can be used with standard BS4622 back boxes, allowing the fixing screws to sit on the horizontal axis. With all plates featuring horizontal fixing screws, this gives a uniform and aesthetic look throughout the range.

Another cost and labour saving feature is the universal GridPro yoke, which means a single yoke can be used for any Click plate styles (with the exception of Definity). Tabs on the yoke are removed with a simple snap to allow the yoke to fit into the back box.

Where a yoke is required on the multi-tier plates (6-24 gang), there is a clip attachment on the top and bottom of the module which allows for fast and easy removal and assembly of the module to the grid yoke, either by hand or small tool. All modules come with fully backed off captivated terminal screws for ease of assembly – also unique to the range.

Independently tested
All white moulded products in the GridPro range are Anti-Microbial Certified. They’re manufactured using Urea Formaldehyde, which has similar inherent properties to antimicrobial additives that inhibit the growth of infectious diseases. All products have been independently tested and achieved a 99.9% kill rate across all four types of the strains of bacteria – MRSA, E-Coli, Salmonella, and Klebsiella Pneumoniae.






More than 600 individual products make up the overall range. The 1 to 24-gang grid plates are available for each of the existing Click wiring accessory ranges – Deco Plus, Deco, Definity, Define, Mode, Polar and Metal Clad. All GridPro modules are available in 11 finishes with black or white inserts, excluding antique brass and black nickel finishes, which have a black insert only. All switch modules are 20A rated – making them ideal for commercial applications.

Additionally, Scolmore has introduced a simple code structure to identify the module colour and product finish.


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