Hylec – APL | 80A AC Isolator Switch

Hylec – APL | 80A AC Isolator Switch

Hylec-APL has announced a new model in its range of ISOLATOR switches, which provide fast electrical isolation for multiple applications, including industrial machinery, commercial buildings, power supplies, security equipment and HVAC.

Safety is of paramount importance in such environments, and ISOLATOR control switches ensure an electrical circuit is completely de-energised for routine service and maintenance and can be shut down quickly in the unlikely event of an emergency. The switch separates the circuit from the main power source and discharges any current trapped in the circuit, rendering it safe to work on and ensuring fast shut down and the absence of any electrical current when an emergency stop is required.

The new 80A AC ISOLATOR model features silver-plated alloy contacts for high reliability. Earth terminals are included, as well as captive retained cover screws. It has a compact footprint, but its internal dimensions are a generous size, measuring 9cm wide by 17.3cm long, so there is space to manipulate cables easily during installation.

For more information on the Isolator switches, visit: www.hylec-apl.com

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