Product Test: Hitachi 18V Cordless Impact Combi Drill

Product Test: Hitachi 18V Cordless Impact Combi Drill

For this review Gary Fisher of Lougar Electrical puts Hitachi’s 18V cordless impact combi drill through its paces.

My first impression of Hitachi’s new 18V cordless impact combi drill (DV18DBFL2/JM) was that it looked and felt like a real ‘top shelf’ tool, with a slim line, non-bulky shape that’s nicely packaged in Hitachi’s customary green and black and looks the part when you carry it on-site.

Included within the drill box is an instruction manual (always worth a quick flick through), mains charger, spare battery, a complementary driver bit and, of course, the drill. The tool comes complete with 2 x 3.0Ah batteries and, considering how much use I’ve had from it since I started the review process, I’m surprised to still be using the same battery charge that I first had – a major plus, as I’m sure any installer will testify.

Easy access
The feel of the product is great as well; when you operate the trigger you can feel the torque take over, as if the drill can’t wait to get going. I was very impressed with this feature, as some other tools I’ve tried in the past have really lacked punch.

Considering the power output that you get from the impact combi drill it holds surprisingly firm in the hand (the tool features a quality grip), while the trigger is easy to operate. Even with a gentle pull the drill responds beautifully, whether it’s on high or low setting, meaning no aches and pains after continued use.


The drill has all the traditional functions that you’d expect from this type of product, with two speeds, forward and reverse, hammer action, and battery warning LED lights to keep you informed when charge is low. Another nice feature of the product is the ability to clip it on to your belt or tool bag, especially where you need quick and easy access for jobs that might be repetitive.

I’ve used the Hitachi 18V cordless impact combi drill on a number of different site jobs – from drilling fixings in brick walls, drilling through the wall, using it through wood joists, screwing items to walls and using it for cutting holes in ceilings for downlights – just about every situation I could use utilise it for. I can safely say that it performed magnificently in each of those situations.

Packs a punch
If I was to suggest an improvement that could set it apart from the rest then it would be to throw some drill bits into the mix – maybe a 5.5mm masonry bit or some flat wood bits.

That said, the unit is a great tool to have in your kit and I’m sure that fellow installers will be very impressed with the punch that it packs. I’ve tried out many drills to this point in my career and have to admit that, personally, this is the favourite one that I’ve used to date.

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