Zano Controls | Three and Easy

Zano Controls | Three and Easy

With the launch of its latest product, Zano Controls claims to have a ‘game changing’ LED dimmer on its hands. We find out why.

Through the use of the newly launched ZSMARTLED, contractors will finally be able to install three-way LED dimming on a single circuit, straight off the shelf, meaning no rewiring, no remote dimming pack and no bespoke systems are required. In fact, three-way and intermediate dimming is now as simple to install as a standard dimmer.

What is three-way dimming?
It’s a simple premise: three-way dimming simply means that you can dim one circuit from three control points. However, when it comes to LED, three-way dimming has been far from simple. Most off-the-shelf dimmers are limited to one rotary controller per circuit, with additional control points restricted to on/off functionality.

That changed with the introduction of Zano’s ZBARLED in 2014: a product that brought advanced capability to two-way and intermediate dimming, offering contractors the ability to add up to 32 controllers to any LED circuit up to 300W or 1,000W.

Yet installers looking for an entry-level multi point dimming product – such as simple three point control for a residential hallway or hotel bedroom – were left without a solution.

With this new product, any electrician can install three-way dimming, straight off the shelf. One ‘master’ and up to two ‘slaves’ can be installed on any 5-120W LED circuit, giving the end user full control of their LED lighting from each control point. It’s a simple, affordable solution that finally brings multi point LED dimming in-line with TRIAC/tungsten dimming functionality.

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How to install
ZSMARTLED is as simple to install as any other straightforward LED dimmer. You simply program each dimmer before connecting to 3-core and earth wiring. Kits are available as a Master + 1 Slave or Master + 2 Slaves, in grid, plated or module versions.

Each grid kit is supplied with nine grid adapters: Hager, Euro Module, Schneider Lisse, MK Logic, Hamilton, Crabtree, BG, Deta and Wandsworth.

On the job
Your client wants full control of their bedroom LED lighting from three points; by the door, and either side of the bed.

ZSMART allows you to install a ‘master’ switch and two secondary ‘slave’ controls. For retrofit projects, there’s no messy rewiring: just disconnect the existing switches and fit the ZSMART in their place with 3-core and earth cable.

For more information about the ZSMARTLED dimming controls solution from Zano Controls visit:

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