Product Test: Snickers 37.5 Technology

Product Test: Snickers 37.5 Technology

In this product test Roger Bisby tries out some of Snickers’ latest gear.

It seems that Snickers keeps coming up with better, more innovative solutions – not only to the practical demands of the working environment, but also the more fickle demands of fashion. Before I get stuck into some the company’s latest offerings, however, I must recap on the 37.5 technology jacket that I took on test over the winter months.

Having had a full winter in that jacket, with lots of days around -7˚C, I can tell you there’s something very remarkable going on. At one point I was working high up on a windswept site near the QE2 Olympic Park and it was freezing. There were a lot of miserable faces on that site – people probably reflecting on the wicked twist of fate that had delivered them into hell, rather than one of the nice warm buildings across the way.

But as tough as it was, I could feel that the core of my body under that strange looking Kingfisher blue padding was perfectly warm, and it took all of my will not to appear just a little bit smug! As we know, if the body core is kept at the optimum temperature more of your blood is freed up to circulate to the limbs, so even your hands and feet are warmer. After a prolonged test in difficult conditions I can certainly testify that this jacket really does work.

9191XTR Craftsman D30 KneepadsRoger Bisby-Snickers-body
If you’re looking for a really good set of knee pads which stand up to the impact of you (not so gently) dropping to your knees then the D30 pads are the way to go. If you have damaged knees these will help protect them from further bashing, and if you don’t then these are the best pads out there for helping to prevent problems later in life.

8014 Body Warmer
I’ve already spoken about the effectiveness of the 37.5 technology, which has molecular adjustment to regulate heat, but if you want to hang the jacket up and work in something lighter then this body warmer is ideal. It’s part of the Snickers Active Insulation System, which is all about the layers.

AllRoundWork Polo Shirt 2715
Some people will tell you that Snickers workwear is expensive, and I’d agree that it certainly isn’t the cheapest available, but most of the company’s customers accept that you get what you pay for. That said, the manufacturer’s AllRoundWork polo shirts are surprisingly good value and you can tell that they’re a cut above ordinary polo shirts as the 35% cotton gives them a nicer feel than cheaper polo shirts, which are often all polyester. If you’re in a Snickers distributor then just check out the inside of the collar on their shirts – you’ll see the sewn in sweat band.

For more information about the 37.5 technology workwear range from Snickers visit:

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