The benefits of Q Acoustics’ E120 smart audio system

The benefits of Q Acoustics’ E120 smart audio system

Paul Hilditch, Product Manager at Q Acoustics, looks at why the use of the E120 smart audio system could be like music to the ears of your customers.

E120 is a fully wired, installed audio hi-fi system for any room in the house, featuring digital and FM radio, Bluetooth wireless audio for streaming music and an input for TV sound. The system has been specifically designed to appeal to those who enjoy music and radio and are looking for a zero-clutter audio system that fits into their interior space in a non-intrusive way.

The wireless boom

With the recent significant increase in the availability of installed home technology products – from wireless camera doorbells and CCTV to smart home security products – E120 offers yet another option, but with the power, performance and reliability of a wired entertainment system.

Drawing on Q Acoustics’ rich audio expertise, the E120 is powerful enough to fill any room with dynamic, immersive and superior stereo audio.

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Electricians are in a unique position to benefit from this exciting new product and opportunity, as you can simply fit E120 whilst carrying out other electrical work or as a retrofit. Even if you’ve not been involved with installed audio systems before, you’ll find the E120 straightforward to install, while delivering an added value offering to your client.

Just follow these few simple guidelines to get started:

Wall panel and power supply

The E120 wall unit fits into a supplied 45mm double gang electrical socket and should be placed in a convenient location for the user to see and use daily, such as next to a light switch or at the end of a breakfast bar. E120 is supplied with all the cables you will need for a ‘standard fit’, suitable for most cases. The power supply includes a 5m cable which is routed from the wall box to a 13 A socket which is best located in a cupboard so that it can be hidden but accessible.



Most E120 systems are installed with ceiling speakers, and you can purchase a pack that includes high quality Q Acoustics QI65C speakers for a true hi-fi sound. You can use the supplied 7m speaker cables to route these from the wall box to two ceiling locations, ideally about 2m apart, centrally in the room. The speakers require a 203mm diameter cut-out and 80mm depth. If ceiling speakers can’t be fitted, then E120 works equally well with wall or shelf mounted speakers such as the Q Acoustics 3010i or 3020i, available in different colour options.

Digital and FM radio signal

For the best results fit an external DAB antenna outside connected with good quality coax cable such as CT100, which can then be joined to the supplied 3m cable with coupler. If this isn’t possible, use the supplied internal antenna, locating it as close to an external wall as possible.

Perfect for bathrooms and kitchens

Boasting an IP54-rating enables the system to be installed into bathrooms and kitchens where humidity and the ingress of water is possible. To make the E120 safe to operate in these special locations, just use the supplied additional outer gasket and small rubber grommets.

E120 is available in black or white from most major electrical wholesalers. Feel free to ask for a demonstration as well as additional advice and support.

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