What is the new C&G 2921 qualification? – Sevadis discusses the importance of safe EV chargepoint installations

What is the new C&G 2921 qualification? – Sevadis discusses the importance of safe EV chargepoint installations

Mark Smith, Operations Director at Sevadis, discusses the importance of safe EV chargepoint installations and the new C&G 2921 qualification.

As the UK steers towards a net-zero future, the registration of electric vehicles is increasing, as is the requirement for electric vehicle charging points – whether that be for domestic or commercial environments. With this, naturally, comes the demand for EV charging points that aren’t just easy-to-use, but safe also.

Where electricity is involved, safety is absolutely paramount for the installer and the end-user. Quality and safe installations are therefore crucial in ensuring both a risk-free installation process and a risk-free user experience.

Change is coming

Recently, City & Guilds announced its changes to the electric vehicle chargepoint installation course, introducing the C&G 2921 qualification to standardise installation of charging points across domestic and commercial locations.

The rationale behind the new qualification is to ensure that EV chargepoint installations are carried out safely to minimise risk for all parties involved; from the installer to the EV chargepoint operator and to the EV driver.

This move from C&G has been widely welcomed by the industry, particularly after research in 2020 found that 20% of EV charging point installations were potentially dangerous.

One significant change to the C&G EV chargepoint installation course is the entry requirements – the learner must be either a practising electrician or electrical engineer and have a Level 3 NVQ Diploma or Electrotechnical qualification (similar/older qualifications will also be considered, including an ECS Gold Card). Installers with older qualifications that are greater than five-years old will need to demonstrate continued professional development (CPD) to enrol onto the C&G 2921.

Introducing a new standard that ensures the safety of installations and chargepoint usage is not only important for the installation itself, but for the chargepoint user – safety is key and the welfare of customers is paramount.

Whilst safety is a motivating factor for the introduction of the C&G 2921 qualification, enrolling into the qualification provides installers with greater understanding and knowledge of EV charging points, which is inevitably far more beneficial than treating the installation of a charging points as a ‘usual’ or ‘normal’ electrical installation.

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Improving competence

Universal Skills Group, a leading provider of EV chargepoint installation training and providers of the C&G 2921 qualification, is ensuring that its course continues to deliver ‘hands-on’ training, allowing installers to get-to-grips with the EV charging point, whilst also providing the know-how for maintenance, protecting against PEN conductor faults, smart functions of charging points and common EV chargepoint design elements.

For Universal Skills Group, offering this C&G 2921 not only provides prospective EV chargepoint installers with the competence to deliver installations on a small and large scale, it also creates new opportunities (such as becoming an OZEV approved installer) which in turn can generate additional business for the electrical installer.

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Supporting cast

At Sevadis, anything that supports the quality of installations plays a significant role for the business; safe and quality installations generate customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction motivates us to continue providing the best for the current EV charging market.

As training is such a fundamental element to ensuring quality installations, we also offer specific product training to prospective EV charging point installers, ensuring they are confident and competent when installing charging points in the future.

If you’re an installer looking to install EV charging points and require further support and guidance, please get in touch directly at: mark.s@sevadis.com

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