Why investing in the right kit is key to a job well done

Why investing in the right kit is key to a job well done

Tradespeople and skilled professionals understand the importance of investing in items that are tough enough to keep up with the demanding environments.

As Scruffs Workwear category assistant, Jessica Milne puts it, there are many advantages to investing in all items in the tradesperson’s work wardrobe – not just the big ticket items. Not only does it enhance your professional image, it also gives you the confidence to work more comfortably, and crucially, safely.

The ‘right kit’ could mean a lot of things to a lot of people. For example, this could be something as simple as trousers reinforced to avoid tearing, with pockets and loops in the right places for tools, or a polo shirt that is designed to fit well, carry your company brand and keep you comfortable when hard at work.

These larger items such as shirts, trousers and boots are rarely overlooked, but what about the smaller accessories that are just as crucial to the task at hand? What use are the protective boots you invested in if you have holes in your socks?

Just like a chain, the whole is only as strong as its weakest link.

At Scruffs, we work hard to understand what it is that tradespeople rely on when they’re at work. By running focus groups and turning to the people that use our products daily, we are better able to bring products to market that are best suited to their needs.

Having the right kit for the job is vital, and is often the reason those in the trade are let down when wearing lesser products to work. It is usually a false economy too, with off-the-shelf items like socks not cutting the mustard in a harsh work environment with tricky terrain, long hours or variable weather to get through.

We find that many in the trade want the basics done really well, which is why we see many opting for our socks, knee pads, hats and gloves. Even with these smaller items, there is a strong need for variety, safety and comfort.

For those that want to take their workwear game to the next level, I’d recommend starting from the ground up.

It might sound obvious but socks make for an excellent investment, as those designed for tradespeople will be reinforced in the right areas, and when you’re on your feet all day, you need to make sure you are looking after them. Tradespeople seek options on seasonal variations, so opting for lighter style socks in the summer will ensure you stay cool in the heat.

Beyond this, safety accessories are vital. The reinforced knees on your worker trousers will be more durable than most, but they won’t protect you when working on the ground. By opting for a pair of knee pads, or protective inserts, you will avoid soreness and potential injury.

Similarly, when it comes to your hands, we know that the majority of tradespeople want to bulk buy gloves that protect them.

By following this guidance and purchasing kit that is going to keep up with you at work, you’ll be confident in delivering your best work day in, day out.

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