Common Query: Low Level Dimming Issues

Common Query: Low Level Dimming Issues

A common question that contractors ask when it comes to LED dimming controls is: ‘why is dimming at low levels causing me more issues than large loads?’ Cue Zano’s technical support team for the answer.

There’s a lot of focus on dimming large loads on one circuit, and how to successfully add a large number of lamps to one control point; it’s one reason our ZBARLED1000 has proved so popular, as it’s the 1000 W/VA, flicker-free and silent answer to LED dimming.

Yet at times, low level dimming is just as much of a frustration for contractors.

LEDs – inrush current aside – operate at a much lower wattage than traditional incandescent lamps. A single average warm white LED may be around 5W/VA, which is fine for your average 10-300W/VA dimmer, if you have a few of those lamps on a circuit. Try to install dimming controls on a circuit with a combined wattage of less than that, however, and you start to encounter problems.

Take an en-suite bathroom, a small bedroom or even a reading nook. Say you have space for just two downlights, and each lamp is 4.5W/VA each. A minimum 10W/VA controller won’t support that low level, and it will inevitably cause flicker and LED drop out.

That’s where the low minimum level preset of our 0-150W/VA Everyday Range solves the problem. Supporting low wattage lamps, these dimmers are perfect for low-loads, such as those in small kitchens, hallways and closets. When it comes to small space circuits, or secondary circuits that require just a few lamps on one dimmer – the 0-150W/VA Everyday Range is a versatile, compatible and reliable solution to LED dimming.

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