Hager Meets Electrician’s Demands

Hager Meets Electrician’s Demands

The power of Hager’s award-winning social media network strikes again, helping an electrician receive stock of his preferred model of Amendment 3 consumer units.

Nigel Critten (pictured), proprietor at Critten Electrical, is a keen advocate of the Amendment 3 updates to consumer units and has been installing them since the changes were first announced in January 2015. However, he has been trialling various models throughout the year and struggled to find one that he found easy to install as well as aesthetically pleasing. When Hager ran a competition to trial its Design 30 via the #HagerGang earlier in the year, it gave Nigel a chance to extend his research even further.

While Hager has released two variations of its Design range – the more modest Design 10 and the enhanced Design 30 – the manufacturer is finding out from electricians first-hand via Twitter that they really appreciate the enhanced installation features of the Design 30 over the Design 10.

Nigel was impressed with the features of the Design 30. He said: “I like how the Hager boards are built, the frame doesn’t twist as you fix it. The terminals are all solid and the screw drivers fit in them well so they don’t burr or snap the head. Results from testing are always consistent and the tail clamps mean no ugly gland is needed. The quality generally feels better, even from the sturdy cardboard box that it is packaged in as it opens from the top so you don’t have to slice the tape or try and tip it out from the end like other brands.”

By tweeting the #HagerGang on Twitter advising that he was unable to source the Design 30 locally, the Hager team were able to work with Edmundsons Electrical in the area to introduce the range of Amendment 3 consumer units within a matter of days.

“I like how the Hager boards are built, the frame doesn’t twist as you fix it. The terminals are all solid and the screw drivers fit in them well so they don’t burr or snap the head.”

When asked about his thoughts on the latest change to the legislation, Nigel said: “It’s actually rather strange as it feels like we are going back to the sixties. We’ve been stripping metal consumer units out of old buildings for years and now we’re putting them back in. That said, I attended a seminar at the start of the year which explained how important the new metal boards are in terms of safety so I started installing them straight away because I want all of my customers to be compliant and safe.”

Since the investment in new stock at his local Edmundsons Electrical, Nigel has switched the majority of his electrical equipment over to the Hager brand and only uses the Design 30 in any residential projects. He added: “I would like to thank Hager and Edmundsons Electrical for working so efficiently to stock my preferred range of products. It’s reassuring to know that companies are actually being proactive about listening to their customers rather than just selling what they think is best.”

Steve York, Market Manager at Hager UK said: “We’re here to help both electricians and wholesalers do better business and this is a fine example of how social media can connect the two together. Day in, day out we are listening to installers and seeing them send their installation pictures in so we know exactly what they like and what they don’t. We are more than happy to share that knowledge across the board.”

For more information visit: www.hager.co.uk/design

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