Opportunities With Armour Home

Opportunities With Armour Home

Armour Home’s Marketing Director, Jonathan Bennett, comments on the opportunities available for electricians to install built-in audio and music solutions into homes.

The UK is a nation of music lovers but the way people listen to their favourite songs has changed dramatically over the past few years. Instead of buying CDs consumers now want to hear new music instantaneously, hence the growth of Spotify and other similar streaming services. This technology is most easily accessed through laptops, tablets and smartphones, but there is now demand from homeowners to integrate this functionality into their properties – creating a new breed of ‘smart homes’.

This growing demand for built-in music and audio systems has provided an exciting opportunity for electricians to diversify and add to the portfolio of services they provide whilst increasing their income. Naturally, electricians will already possess the expertise and skills to install many of the industry’s leading integrated music solutions and therefore all that is required is knowledge of the product itself.

“Upon completing the training course, the electricians were then added to Armour Home’s list of approved contractors who will receive direct installation requests from the company.”

We continue to work closely with installers to ensure they receive the necessary training to install our products efficiently and effectively. In 2015, more than 100 electricians took part in Armour Home’s one-day S7 training course, providing the chance to learn more about how the solution works as well as an in-depth tutorial on the installation process. Upon completing the training course, the electricians were then added to Armour Home’s list of approved contractors who will receive direct installation requests from the company.

In addition, Armour Home has created a new interactive tool on the Systemline website to help the approved contractors connect with homeowners who are looking to purchase S7. Website visitors are given the opportunity to virtually build their own system regardless of whether they live in a house, bungalow or an apartment. Once completed, users will receive a full quotation according to the selections they have made, before being connected to a certified S7 contractor, who can liaise with the homeowner to confirm the design and plan installation.

‘Wow’ factor
In addition to S7, Armour Home launched its single-room alternative, Systemline E100, earlier in 2015. The solution consists of an OLED control panel which is simply fitted within a standard UK 45mm double gang back box and comes complete with a speaker cable and two high performance 6.5” ceiling mounted speakers.Armour HARDWARE

The Systemline E100 has been specifically designed so it can be quickly installed with minimal disruption. Any electrician can easily acquire the E100 and install it into a consumer’s home. The solution is easier to install than your standard spot-lamp and is therefore the perfect product for electricians to upsell when already carrying out an existing project within a property.

Integrated audio systems certainly provide the ‘wow’ factor to any home and with the recent advancement in technology these innovative solutions are becoming far more accessible and in demand. It is important for professional electricians to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to grow their businesses and maximise their sales.

For more information from Armour Home visit: www.armourhome.co.uk and for more on Systemline visit: www.systemline.co.uk

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