Fuel app helps electricians save on diesel and petrol costs | fuelGenie

Fuel app helps electricians save on diesel and petrol costs | fuelGenie

Motorists struggling with record pump prices can take advantage of a mobile app that allows them to locate their nearest supermarket petrol stations and the latest fuel prices on the go.

Devised by fuelGenie, a leading fuel card provider for SMEs and fleet operators, the app is available for all drivers to download as they look to save on fuel costs which are reaching eye-watering prices and shows little sign of getting better anytime soon.

Indeed, the app which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play store allows users to locate their nearest Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s petrol stations simply by entering their postcode.

Additionally, the app, which is available for both Apple and Android services, also lets users see the latest fuel prices which are based on fuelGenie customer purchases at petrol stations – ultimately helping them to save at the pump.

Managing Director of fuelGenie, Robert Pieczka, said: “Whether you are a private motorist, small business or fleet operator, then saving money at the pump is more important than ever as fuel prices remain high.

“The fuelGenie petrol station finder app is a useful tool to help those looking to save on fuel costs. It is easy to download and can help users make informed decisions as to where they should fill up their vehicle.

“It is also a great tool for fuelGenie business account holders to manage their accounts and recent updates provide even more card detail and invoice functionality.”

As well as using the fuelGenie petrol station finder app, other ways that vehicle owners can save on fuel costs is by regular and correct vehicle maintenance, together with driver education so they are driving in the most efficient manner.

For more information about fuelGenie, and how the petrol station finder app works, including how the fuel prices are only displayed when recent purchase details are available, click here

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