JIB: Setting Employment Standards for 50 Years

JIB: Setting Employment Standards for 50 Years
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The JIB is celebrating 50 years of setting employment standards and maintaining good employment relationships across the electrical contracting industry, since its formation in 1968.

Owned jointly by employers and employees – via ECA and Unite the Union – the JIB facilitates discussions on wages and other employment terms and conditions. Each year the well-respected JIB handbook details the agreements made on areas such as pay, holiday, travel and lodging allowances and training schemes. The National Working Rules, and the ‘Green Book’, have become an essential part of working life for electrical operatives, contractors and other organisations in the industry.

Underpinning this partnership, the JIB Benefits Scheme looks after the welfare of those employed by members through providing private medical services, life and accident insurances and a recently introduced Occupational Health Assessment programme.

To assist in rebuilding employee relations and prevent unnecessary legal claims (and the associated costs), the JIB acts as an impartial ‘go-between’ to mediate between employers and employees when disputes arise. Over 3000 claims have been successfully handled  over the past 50 years, covering grievances on unfair dismissal, underpayments of wages, holiday pay and redundancy.

Since 1968, the organisation has grown to set employment standards even more widely via Apprenticeship Training Schemes, Craft Training Schemes and the Mature Candidate Assessment. The charitable JIB Skills Development Fund has provided over £100,000 in course grants and NVQ Level 3 vouchers since 2006, and has also established the overseas Apprentice Exchange Programme with partners in New York and Australia.

The Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS), owned jointly by the JIB and Scottish JIB, has become the foremost occupational card scheme which recognises an individual’s skills and qualifications in the industry. With over 144,000 cardholders the ECS is now developing further with the recent introduction of ECS Registered Electrician status.

Throughout 2018, they will be running a programme of special activities to commemorate its 50th year. It has released an initial celebratory video featuring Chairman Paul Corby, looking at the organisation’s achievements and plans for the future.

“As we look to the future, our work will include the full roll-out of Registered Electrician status and the ECS Check service, strengthening our work with training providers, promotion of mental health and occupational health, further grants through the JIB Skills Development Fund, improving productivity and encouraging more diversity and equality in the industry.

Watch Paul’s video below:


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