Trades Business Support Solutions launch innovative business support service

Trades Business Support Solutions launch innovative business support service

Trades Business Support Solutions (TRBSS) has announced the launch of its new business support SaaS, the Solo Explorer. Designed specifically to help small trade businesses grow and reach their goals, the service is powered by B.R.I.A.N, a business support avatar.

The Solo Explorer is an innovative and easy-to-use solution that has been in development for years. It removes complexity and streamlines business management processes, making it easier for users to focus on their business.

The TRBSS team developed their support service after identifying that many small trade businesses across the country were struggling to develop their ideas into something unique and profitable. The Solo Explorer is designed to help these businesses, including those in the construction sector, save time and money while achieving their goals.

The online platform helps businesses to reduce costs, simplify business processes, improve customer service and provide business expansion support. The Solo Explorer is an all-in-one solution that allows businesses to understand their current performance using simple questions and multiple-choice answers. Once completed, they will instantly receive their easy-to-understand exclusive action list which is unique for their business.

Alison Jenkins, Director of Trades Business Support Solutions, expressed her delight at being able to give high-quality business support to all tradespeople in the UK. “It is life-changing for them,” she said, “to have time back to enjoy their life while achieving their business dreams as we support them one step at a time. We’ve made it so simple and easy to run their business, so they can concentrate on their trade while we take care of the rest.”

Colin Jolliffe, Director of Trades Business Support Solutions, spoke of his experience in business consultancy and how the Solo Explorer can solve many issues for small trade businesses. “Our service solves those issues and can be completed in under an hour with instant easy-to-understand results, which is amazing,” he said. “All for a fraction of a face-to-face review. Plus, our actions are easy to understand and follow, showing what is going well, not so well, and what will get them in trouble. We often get a call when someone is in trouble, this will stop businesses from getting in trouble in the first place.”

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