Hager’s circuit protection solutions lead the way in a recent building project

Hager’s circuit protection solutions lead the way in a recent building project

With quality circuit protection solutions in high demand for modern building projects, we find out more about the key factors that led to some of Hager’s leading lights being used on a recent project.

A variety of Hager solutions offering functionality and style, including the coveted new AFDD with ProTools, have been specified in the development of a new multi-residential project in the heart of Leicester.

Mitchian Group, responsible for the development and electrical installations on the new development, worked alongside Hager to deliver a variety of solutions on the North Gate project, consisting of 69 apartments. In addition to the residential spaces, the development will also house Mitchian Group’s head office, with the ground floor providing general office space.

Easy access and attractive aesthetics

Specified as part of the project, Hager supplied 69 x Design 10 consumer units for the apartments, as well as complementary wiring accessories. Offering reliable functionality, the Design 10 consumer units delivered ease of installation for the contractor, while the boards offered the properties’ residents easy access and attractive aesthetics.

The project also saw the specification of wiring accessories, with Hager’s Sollysta Decorative range specified throughout to furnish each apartment. The polished and brushed steel finishes of the sockets and switches offered the project a high aesthetic standard and matched the interior design perfectly. Also specified for the project were Sollysta Decorative 13A 2 gang double pole switched sockets with twin USB ports, enabling high speed charging of USB devices in each apartment.

Paul Bennett, Project Sales Manager for Hager, commented: “With a design ambition that meant all aspects of the development were specified to a high level, Mitchian Group was looking for product solutions that combined style, as well as excellent and proven functionality to help enhance the apartment interiors. The stylish and easy installation benefits afforded by Design 10 consumer units, coupled with the sleek decorative wiring accessories, suited the project aims perfectly.”

With ongoing safety a primary concern following the regulation changes outlined in Amendment 2 of the 18th Edition wiring regulations, Arc Fault Protection was specified to supply the penthouse final circuits. In keeping with the design and functionality aims of the project, a Design 10 consumer unit, complete with Hager’s AFDD with ProTools, was selected. Complying with the latest regulations, the AFDD solution, which has been rigorously tested, offers optimum protection against the harmful effects of dangerous arc faults.

High standards

The benefit of ProTools, the innovative diagnostic software incorporated within the device, provided Mitchian Group with a solution that offers superior safety protection levels for the residents of the North Gate development. Ensuring any future tripping from the device, whether operational or unwanted, is quickly identified, the On-Board diagnostic abilities offered by ProTools reduces the time spent conducting fault finding by an installer.

The ability to intelligently modify the device’s algorithm in anticipation of the introduction of new technologies and wave signatures, and the capability to update the software remotely, means the need to replace the device in the future is eliminated. In specifying Hager’s AFDD with ProTools, Mitchian Group is assured that the highest standards of safety protection are provided for its clients whilst the contractor remains compliant with the latest regulations.

Paul continued: “We’re delighted to have been asked to be part of the supply team on this important project. Our new AFDD with ProTools is ideally placed to offer the ultimate level of safety and protection and has meant we have been able to add real value to this project.

“The ability to update the software within the device will really change the game for Mitchian Group and other electrical contractors, providing them with peace of mind and reassurance that future-proof solutions, like our AFDD, are in place long after the development is completed.”

Phil Mitchian, Managing Director for Mitchian Group, concluded: “By partnering with Hager we’ve been able to deliver quality-led, high performing electrical solutions, along with the inclusion of important and now mandatory devices such as AFDDs, to support the multi-purpose residential properties and deliver tangible benefits for years to come.”

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