Martindale Electric launches two advanced socket and non-trip earth loop testers

Martindale Electric launches two advanced socket and non-trip earth loop testers

Electrical safety specialist Martindale Electric, the manufacturer of the original UK Socket Tester, has introduced two new advanced socket and non-trip earth loop testers, the EZ165 and EZ365; must-haves for any electrician or engineer needing to check mains sockets.

These conveniently compact but powerful testers detect 28 fault conditions, check the mains voltage level and show how safe the earth wiring is by carrying out a non-trip earth loop test and indicating its value in six discrete ranges. This test is critical for ensuring the safety of your electrical system, as a low earth resistance is essential for safety disconnection devices to work properly and prevent electrocution when faults occur.

The EZ165 and EZ365 testers have a variety of features to make fault diagnosis fast and easy. The combination of red and green LEDs quickly identifies neutral, earth, and live connections, and makes it easy to spot common faults. A lookup chart provides further fault diagnosis. The testers also indicate high and low voltage levels and their tough, sculpted design makes them easy to unplug, transport and use in a variety of environments.

The EZ365 model includes additional features, such as an incoming supply polarity swap test and the ability to trip test 30mA RCDs. The L-NE cross polarity test detects a serious fault condition that cannot be identified by many normal socket testers and is easily activated by using the touchpad on the EZ365. Faults are also indicated audibly on this model.

For more information about the EZ165 or EZ365 and to see the full Martindale range, click here 

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