Bahco expands stainless steel tool range

Bahco expands stainless steel tool range

Following the success of its stainless steel screwdrivers, developed using rocket science, a greatly expanded range of stainless steel tools and tool management storage trolleys has been launched by Bahco.

Electricians know that using conventional steel tools can leave ferrous debris on stainless steel screws and other fasteners, causing them to corrode when exposed to oxygen in the atmosphere. This results in ‘extraneous rust,’ which is not only unsightly but is a threat to hygiene and safety.

The solution is to use stainless steel tools. In the past stainless steel hard enough for trade and industrial work has been found to be too brittle. Now, Bahco designers have found a way of using ice hardening technology to give their stainless steel tools superb hardness and durability.

The new stainless steel range includes adjustable wrenches, double ring end offset wrenches and combination wrench sets, six plier types – box joint, combination, cutting, locking, long nose and slip nose – plus ball pein and sledge hammers.

Stainless steel slotted, Phillips, Pozidriv or Torx® screwdrivers and bits remain available in a range of sizes, along with Allen keys, long ballpoint hex keys and hexagon and long ball end hexagon offset screwdrivers. New to the stainless steel range are hex sockets, ratchets, extensions, speed and ‘T’ handles, plus universal joints.

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