Product Test: Bahco Fit Screwdrivers

Product Test: Bahco Fit Screwdrivers

PE’s Product Tester, Norman Bradshaw, gives us his verdict on Bahco’s ‘Fit’ screwdrivers.

You may have a very expensive cordless drill with the latest battery technology, or an excellent chasing tool for making first fixing that much easier and quicker, but the humble screwdriver is still one of the most important tools for electricians. Like me you have probably tried all types of screwdrivers with various special features and interchangeable bits. Whatever your taste, there is one thing we know as electricians and that is that a good set of reliable screwdrivers is essential in an electrician’s toolbox.

Good features
Bahco’s recent offering, known as the ‘Fit’ range, arrived on my doorstep with the usual 1000V to IEC 60900 stamped on the box and each screwdriver came branded with its tip type, size and length stamped on it.

The handles were made of rubber which felt comfortable and responsive as I tightened up the screws to the light fittings I was putting up. According to Bahco the varying blades are made of alloy steel and are chrome plated – leaving you with a pretty good to go set of screwdrivers. The sets I used comprised of Slot, Philips head and Pozidrive screwdrivers, so plenty of choices when choice is what you need.

Key features
● Seven-piece set
● Insulated tested to 1000V
● Two-component handle with vertical groves for comfortable grip and maximum force transmission

● Permanent symbol on the handle for quick identification of the tip
● Anti-slip blade surface
● Blade made of alloy steel. Chrome plated and entirely hardened. Black finish tip for higher accuracy

With the handles in that now familiar red and yellow colour scheme, you are not likely to misplace them that easily. I’m sure the larger handles contributed to greater comfort. However, what I did find was that, due to the larger circumference of the screwdrivers, I could not fit them all in my tool pouch which was a bit disappointing. Added to that, they were not marked on the head like my previous Bahco range, so it’s harder to tell which screwdriver is which at a glance.

● Comfortable to use
● Well-made and quite light
● Plenty to choose from with a set of seven

● Large handles can make it hard for tools to fit into standard pouch

Having said all that, they did perform well and did not slip or slide while using them. Only time will tell how good the blades really are but for now they do the job well and certainly ‘fit’ the bill for me.

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