Bosch launches BITURBO models

Bosch launches BITURBO models

Bosch has expanded its 18V cordless range into tool classes once thought beyond the reach of battery-powered equipment.

More powerful than all previous Bosch cordless products, the new saws, rotary hammers and angle grinders give equivalent performance to corded tools rated between 1000 and 1800 W.

Optimised with Bosch ProCORE18V batteries

The key to their increased capabilities is optimum co-ordination between a specially developed brushless high-performance motor, advanced electronics and high-powered Bosch ProCORE18V battery packs. This allows full use to be made of ProCORE18V batteries’ potential to drive and maintain high currents for more power-intensive applications.

With just one compact 8 or 12Ah capacity ProCORE18V battery, Bosch BITURBO models are as powerful as competitor machines requiring two batteries. This gives the added advantage of reducing tool weight and size, for easier handling. As part of the Bosch Professional 18V System, BITURBO tools – along with their batteries and chargers – are fully compatible with all others in the Bosch 18V range.

High specifications

In addition to their high power, the new BITURBO products offer high professional specifications. All but one of them can be fitted with a Bosch connectivity module, which opens up the possibility of remote adjustment, data transmission and many other benefits.

Most have an onboard user interface whose interactive display speeds up adjustments and keeps the user informed of tool status, including battery charge level and temperature. Electronic safety systems include Kickback Control on the rotary hammers and angle grinders.

Three BITURBO rotary hammers

Cordless SDS-max rotary hammers make their first appearance in the Bosch range. For compact size, the Bosch GBH 18V-36 C Professional BITURBO Rotary Hammer leads the SDS-max segment and delivers performance worthy of a 1000 W corded tool.

For low weight, the Bosch GBH 18V-45 C Professional BITURBO Rotary Hammer tops its class. Its impact energy of 12.5 J matches that of the powerful 1500 W corded Bosch GBH 8-45 DV model, but it is lighter – even with a ProCORE18V 12Ah battery in place. Both new products are equipped with a user interface and, optionally, with Bosch connectivity.

In 2020 the GBH 18V-34 CF Professional SDS Plus BITURBO Rotary Hammer will be added to the range.

Three BITURBO saws

Judged against a comparable 1800 W corded model, the Bosch GKS 18V-68 GC Professional BITURBO Hand-held Circular Saw is 15% quicker and – with the 8Ah battery – 225g lighter. Its bow-shaped front handle design enables a comfortable and controlled grip in any position and easier, safer movement, even for mitre cuts. Cutting depth can be set easily at the touch of a button, with an increased maximum of 68 mm. User interface and connectivity functions include adjusting speed and selecting the ‘eco mode’ to extend runtime by up to 30%.

A mitre saw with slide function and a plunge saw appear in the Bosch Professional 18V range for the first time. The Bosch GCM 18V-216 Professional BITURBO Mitre Saw gives equivalent power to a 1600 W corded model. Offering the greatest cutting depth in its class (70 mm), it can be used for a wider range of applications than any other cord-free saw with a 216 mm blade.

The Bosch GKT 18V-52 GC Professional BITURBO Plunge Saw can be compared to a 1400 W corded tool. This model stands out with its compact design and best-in-class wall clearance of just 11 mm, which allows work very close to edges. Suitable for use with guide rails, it has an inbuilt user interface and a slot for a connectivity module.

Four BITURBO angle grinders

The four Bosch Professional BITURBO Angle Grinders – GWS 18V-15 C, GWX 18V-15 C, GWS 18V-15 SC and GWX 18V-15 SC – compare favourably with 1500 W corded tools. Tested against the most powerful Bosch cordless angle grinder previously available, they cut up to 50% faster. They also handle a wider range of applications, including – for the first time – highly power-intensive roughing and grinding jobs.

Connectivity is available on all four, but the GWS/ GWX 18V-15C has no inbuilt user interface. As well as Kickback Control, their safety aids include Drop Control, braking functions, Soft Start, Restart Protection and an auxiliary handle with vibration damping. GWX models also feature the revolutionary new Bosch X-LOCK keyless accessory-change system.

All Bosch BITURBO models are part of the Bosch Professional 18V System. The Bosch Professional 18V System ensures a best-in-class experience for trade professionals. Since 2008 all batteries in the same voltage class are compatible with new and existing Bosch Professional tools. Tools are combined with the most powerful batteries and fastest charging technology for ultimate performance and the wide range of body only tools and separate batteries and chargers gives professionals maximum flexibility to only buy what they need. The Bosch Professional 12V System will follow the same principle in the next few months.

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