Bosch Professional FlexiClick 12V – now with brushless motor

Bosch Professional FlexiClick 12V – now with brushless motor

Bosch Professional has boosted the power of its popular FlexiClick 12V cordless drill driver system by adding a brushless motor.

The resulting Bosch GSR 12V-35 FC Professional Drill Driver is faster, stronger, more efficient and longer lasting, as well as maintenance-free.

With its upgraded specification, short length, low weight and range of adapters, this tool promises even greater effectiveness in a diversity of high-precision tasks – especially in tight spaces and hard-to-reach situations.

Top speed has been increased by 35% to 1,750 rpm, while maximum torque has been raised to a powerful 35 Nm for hard screwdriving applications and 20 Nm for soft. Increasing maximum drilling diameter in wood to 32 mm (up 70%) and maximum screw diameter to 8 mm has also expanded the tool’s job range. At the same time, Bosch Professional have reduced its length by 17 mm compared to the previous model.

Unique adaptability

The four adapters – bit holder (with bit locking), drill chuck, angle attachment and off-set angle attachment – make this the most versatile and compact system in the market. Together they enable a total of eight possible configurations.

Bosch Professional is the only manufacturer whose angle adapter can be combined and used with any of the other three. Also unique is the ability to adjust the angle and off-set adapters directly on the tool. Sixteen working positions can be set without having to detach the adapter from the drill driver. For professionals like carpenters, kitchen fitters, furniture makers, trade fair booth fitters and installers, this saves time and gives extra flexibility when working in confined areas.

A complete system

The FlexiClick 12V system starts with the Bosch GSR 12V-35 FC Professional Drill Driver itself. At just 115 mm in length, this is the shortest cordless drill driver in its class – making it the ideal problem solver where space is limited. It can be used on its own, without adapters, using its integral magnetic bit holder. The tool features a convenient belt clip and an enlarged soft grip area for additional comfort.

Connection to an adapter takes moments. Simply place the adapter onto the FlexiClick interface and turn the locking ring clockwise. A click and a control indicator on the adapter confirms secure attachment. The adapters, which have been rigorously tried, tested and proven on the previous model, are as follows:

– GFA 12-X Professional Bit Holder. This attachment has a hexagonal mounting with a lock to prevent bits from coming loose accidentally. Even with the bit holder in place, the drill driver is now only 144 millimetres in length and is therefore still the shortest model on the market.

– GFA 12-B Professional Drill Chuck. Featuring an auto-lock function, this chuck can be used for drill bits from 1 to 10 mm. It takes the drill driver’s length to 162 mm – significantly shorter than in its predecessor – and allows drilling in tight workspaces.

– GFA 12-W Professional Angle Adapter. At just 61 mm, this is the shortest angle adapter in its class. In effect, it allows you to drive screws around corners. Precise screwdriving becomes possible in very restricted spaces. A choice of 16 working positions can be set without removing it from the tool.

– GFA 12-E Professional Off-set Angle Adapter. This allows precise screwdriving right up to 12 mm from the edge. Again, it offers 16 working positions without removal from the drill driver.

Available now

The Bosch GSR 12V-35 FC Professional Drill Driver can be purchased from specialist retail outlets. Also available is a fixed-chuck drill driver, without adapters: the GSR 12V-35 Professional. Measuring 154 mm in length, and equipped with the same new brushless motor, this is the shortest and most powerful fixed-chuck drill driver in the 12V range. Offering the same levels of speed and torque as the FlexiClick model, its performance stands out from others – particularly in terms of screwdriving accuracy and drilling in metal or wood.

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