CertOn: Bright Spark Invents Solution to Missing Electrical Documents

CertOn: Bright Spark Invents Solution to Missing Electrical Documents

An electrician has introduced what is claimed to be a genuine ‘market first’ solution to help overcome the issue of misplaced or lost electrical installation documents and certificates.

Explaining more about the idea behind CertOn, inventor Boyd Goulden, says: “During my work as an electrician I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve been astounded at the lack of certification or missing documents I come across at customer sites. Sometimes it can be blatantly negligent of the previous trades not to have given or left the correct certificates with the customer. Or it could be that the customer hasn’t understood the importance of keeping that information, it has been misplaced or even lost.”

He continues: “You may also have the issue of different trades installing and signing-off certificates or issuing documents at different times. But where do they end up? This is where I began thinking: ‘What technology could be used to assist this problem?’ The answer is CertOn.”

CertOn is a new online, patented business solution that uses an app and QR code technology to ‘link’ the important documents required for all properties at the property itself.  This paperless document storage system allows both homeowners and installers to use their own smartphone or tablet to upload and access all important property documents instantly.

The application is simple to operate and can be used by a variety of professionals, including electrical contractors, gas fitters, developers, Housing Associations, estate/letting agents, landlords etc.

You can find out more about CertOn by visiting: www.certon.co.uk

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