ESP launches MAGDUO FlexiPoint detector

ESP launches MAGDUO FlexiPoint detector

ESP has launched the MAGDUO FlexiPoint smoke detector, an essential component product for its MAGDUO Two-Wire Fire Alarm System.

The plug-in style smoke detector from ESP utilises a photo-electric sensing chamber to make a measurement corresponding to smoke density.

The device also incorporates a thermistor sensing circuit to allow for accurate heat measurement. These elements allow the device to be configured to a smoke, heat or combined setting.

As well as offering seven different modes of fire detection, including combined heat and smoke, the FlexiPoint detector is also available with an in-built sounder or in-built sounder strobe which will assist with a compact install solution.

Due to the different options, FlexiPoint offers convenience to installers, as they will not be required to carry a complete range of devices.

The detector offers seven different programmable detection modes, as well as three programmable sound patterns, with three volume adjustment levels.

FlexiPoint incorporates a tamper-resistant locking mechanism that prevents its removal from the base without the use of a special tool.

To remove the device, the tool should be attached over the detector and turned anti-clockwise, allowing the detector to be removed from the base.

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