Product Test: DEWALT Wall-Dogs

Product Test: DEWALT Wall-Dogs

Gary Fisher of Lougar Electrical weighs up DEWALT’s new steel anchor offering as he looks at the Wall-Dog.

It seems that getting the right type of fixing is becoming just as difficult as the job itself; you could get into trouble if you don’t get it right.

Let’s face it, we’ve all seen items which are not fixed correctly, are loose or even dangerous.

DEWALT, however, have come up with a fixing screw which will cover most situations, and additionally save you time.

Items now need to be able to withstand premature collapses in the event of a fire or extreme heat, thanks to the new wiring regulations, so there is more demand for this type of fixing.

When it comes to a fixing that makes use of a plastic wall plug, it will always fail under severe temperature.

DEWALT Wall-Dogs will not, so there are no excuses for not abiding by the latest rules.

The DEWALT Wall-Dog is an all steel, one-piece screw anchor, providing an all-metal fixing solution.

It requires no plug and, with its carbon steel body and deep cutting, corkscrew-like threads, it provides smooth entry and powerful hold.

It comes in a variety of different sizes, and can also be used for both brick and wood-type fixing materials!

The screws are also available with white-tipped heads, allowing for a much cleaner or decorative finish, especially when the screw head might be visible.

Screw fixings are not always concealed, so this is great for certain situations such as metal cable tray installation, industrial situations, or even something as simple as hanging a picture.

The screws are easy to use; when the material is wood, or a similar softer masonry type, then they are able to be screwed in with the aid of a straightforward driver or battery driver.

If the material is a harder substance, such as concrete, then it’s recommended by DEWALT to drill a 5mm pilot hole first.

The hole is slightly smaller in diameter than the screw itself, which allows the screw to fit tightly without the use of a wall plug.

In all the installations I have been on, the most common size of screw used is up to one and a half inches in length.

With the Wall-Dog, longer lengths are available, which could be used for heavy-type items or if the item that needs to be fixed has a thicker mould.

However, these longer lengths have hexagonal heads, which makes them a little more annoying, especially when there is no hex bit in the box to use.

Granted, most of us can lay our hands on one of these, but it would be easier if we didn’t have to hunt for one – this is where the time saving aspect goes out of the window.

The Wall-Dogs are not the cheapest type of screw on the market but, if there was ever a fire-related incident, you would be glad you invested in a suitable product. The product has recently gained an F120 fire rating.

It’s also important to remember that, as you don’t require a wall plug (and possibly not a pilot hole either), there will be time and money savings.

Overall, I would definitely use these all the time, but they are not as cheap as a box of screws and wall plugs.

This will have to be taken into consideration when purchasing, but I’ll certainly use them when it comes to the issue of fire safety – this should be a priority regardless of cost.

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