EZVIZ introduces the new PS1300 portable power station

EZVIZ introduces the new PS1300 portable power station

EZVIZ, a leading company in smart home technologies, has announced the launch of the new PS1300 portable power station. Its ultra-powerful 1,324Wh capacity, exceptionally fast charging, and extended durability makes it the ideal choice for those who want to go off grid, as a backup power supply in the home or for family camping trips.

It keeps devices and appliances powered so no need to miss out on the favourite cuppa or TV programme! Recharging is simple and timesaving but, even better, go green with the additional solar panel without sacrificing speed. Whether having an emergency or off to explore, the PS1300 will provide the power. The PS1300 power station is available from EZVIZ for an RRP of £1399.99

Multiple Power Outputs: The PS1300 is equipped with a variety of output ports, including AC sockets, USB ports, and DC outputs, allowing users to charge and power multiple devices simultaneously. This versatile power station can power up laptops, smartphones, tablets, cameras, drones, and other electronic devices. Three different types of ports – 6 ports in total – provide the power outputs that everybody needs which includes 1x USB-C Fast-Charging Port, 3 × USB-A Ports and 2 × AC Outlets.

High Capacity Batteries: It employs the safer and more reliable LiFePO battery to ensure up to 3,000 full charge and drain cycles for extensive everyday use. When the power goes out, the PS1300 takes over and provides a continuous supply with switchover time of under 15 minutes, perfect for sensitive equipment such as a PC and television.

Intelligent Power Management Systems: The built-in Battery Management System (BMS) constantly monitors the machine’s performance, including voltage, current, and temperature. Its smart display shows the charging and recharging statuses, temperatures, and any operational warnings so users can be kept fully informed at all times and recharge when needed. It also helps to prolong the lifespan of the power station so it can be used year after year.

Low Noise Technology: The PS1300 is designed to reduce excessive noise levels while efficiently charging devices, so perfect when users are working or sleeping as it powers up any essential devices.

Solar Panel Compatibility: It offers the convenience of recharging via compatible solar panels, available for purchase separately. This provides users with an effortless way to embrace a greener lifestyle by utilising sustainable and cost-free energy sources.

“Our portable power station series, including the new PS1300, is committed to delivering reliable and sustainable power backup options, providing peace of mind and convenience to our customers, whether they are at home, on the road, or enjoying the outdoors,” said John Wu, the product manager of the portable power station series. “The launch of this brand new product category is diversifying the usage scenario of EZVIZ’s ever-evolving smart home solutions. It redefines the boundaries of energy independence.”

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