EZVIZ launches its first 4G pan & tilt battery camera

EZVIZ launches its first 4G pan & tilt battery camera

EZVIZ launches its first 4G pan & tilt battery camera to eliminate network and power limits for outdoor security, making protection more mobile and flexible than ever

Ezviz, a leading innovator in smart home security, has announced the UK launch of the new EB8 camera 4G 2K Pan & Tilt Battery Camera.

Effectively addressing the long-standing pain point of limited power or Wi-Fi connectivity in open areas, this latest innovation integrates 4G cell networks with a large rechargeable battery to make itself 100% wire-free. Installation and operation are quick and easy. EB8 is ideal for holiday homes, construction sites, camping, caravanning and family farms. The camera comes packed with useful features such as smart human-motion detection, 2K video, colour night vision, and an active defence function, to maximise peace of mind.

Makes 360° protection mobile and reliable.

The EB8 4G is designed to bring remote vision and enhanced safety anywhere Wi-Fi or power supplies cannot reach. By simply inserting a 4G SIM card into the camera and using the EZVIZ mobile app, the camera delivers 360-degree video feeds, records detection clips, and sends human-motion alerts to the user’s phone whenever and wherever. Such network capabilities not only extend the limits on camera placement, but also relieves users from utilising shared Wi-Fi in a public space, such as a camping site or a shared warehouse, so the camera is privately secured on a 4G network.

Wi-Fi and power can be a headache when it comes to outdoor protection and many users are not confident in hardwiring a security camera but want to avoid expensive installation costs too. The EB8 4K changes the game by operating with a large 10,400 mAH battery and 4G network. The battery is solar-chargeable with EZVIZ’s compatible solar panel to take in free and unlimited green energy. This aligns with EZVIZ’s mission to offer products that are smart, energy-efficient, durable, and sustainable. Ready to withstand the harshest weather with its water and dust-proof enclosure, the EB8 4G camera lets users truly “set it and forget it.”

Even if installed in a remote location, users will be able to use the GPS location on the EZVIZ app to find it (camera must be online). It also utilises extra-large microSD cards with up to 512 GB of data for safe, local video storage, so users don’t miss any important moments and viewing the video captured utilises minimal data. EZVIZ, unlike many of its competitors, offers its users the option to store any recordings on a local microSD card so no subscription charges are involved. However, for those who would like the security of extra data protection, there is the option to subscribe to the EZVIZ CloudPlay for fully encrypted cloud storage.

More features the EB8 4G inherited from EZVIZ’s best-selling PT series include 360-degree panoramic viewing in 2K resolution, smart human-motion detection with auto-tracking, one-click return to pre-set angle and active defence with siren and strobe light.

The EB8 4G 2K Pan & Tilt Battery Camera is available here 

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