Get wiser with Drayton’s efficiency updates

Get wiser with Drayton’s efficiency updates
Drayton has announced a new update to its Wiser Heat App, providing homeowners with even more information to help better understand the performance of their heating system and how they can make it more efficient.
As part of this update, the homepage of the Wiser Heat App has been refreshed to include the Insights tile, which gives access to the new Insights and Heat Report pages. Here, users will see the percentage of energy that has been saved each month and they can learn more about their energy usage, including how this contributes to saved energy each month. Also new on the homepage is the personalised home weather forecast for each system.
The percentage of energy saved is based on the amount of heating hours saved due to the activation of innovative smart modes, such as Eco Mode and Away Mode. On the Insights page, users can compare their energy savings each month against the previous three months and will be able to see the breakdown due to these two separate smart modes.
In the ‘Activity and Environment’ section, users will be able to see how many times they have turned down their heating over the month, which could encourage users to lower the temperature of some heating schedules. This can prove to be a useful tool, as turning the heating down by 1°C can reduce a homeowners annual energy bill by £80 and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 320kg.
Finally, the Insights page is now where the Heat Report is located, giving users a detailed overview of the performance of the entire heating system. Homeowners can compare temperatures across single or multiple rooms, view setpoints, and monitor outdoor temperatures at any time of day.
For more information on Wiser, visit the Drayton website here and follow Drayton on Twitter here.

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