Grässlin expands motion detector range

Grässlin expands motion detector range

Expanding its portfolio of presence and motion detectors, Grässlin has added the talis II to its range.

The talis II detectors from Grässlin automatically control lights, switching them with precision and reliability based on ambient brightness and detected motion to ensure they only come on when needed.

The talis II presence detectors with passive infrared sensors (PIR) cover a range of eight to 40 metres.

An integrated light sensor monitors lux levels and switches off the light when ambient brightness is sufficient, overriding any delayed switch-off settings.

Furthermore, enabling installation at heights of up to 12 metres means that you can even use them to light high-bay warehouses.

Two of the models offer added benefits through the Doppler radar effect, which allows them to see through walls and ceilings.

This means that, unlike PIR technology, rooms will not have any blind spots as the sensor’s detection range encompasses the entire area both radially and tangentially.

The high-frequency presence detectors are available as a single- or dual-channel variant, which is capable of simultaneously operating lights and HVAC units. They are sturdy and temperature-resistant, meaning they can be used in extreme temperatures.

The products are suitable for a broad range of applications thanks to the different variants of surface mounting, flush mounting and mounting in suspended ceilings.

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