Industry lighting from LEDVANCE – the right light for the right environment

Industry lighting from LEDVANCE – the right light for the right environment

LEDVANCE offers innovative LED lighting solutions for industry with highly efficient products specifically developed for use in demanding industrial environments.

LEDVANCE TruSys for advanced industrial LED lighting

LEDVANCE’s trunking system TruSys is one of numerous specific LED lighting solutions for industrial use. The latest addition to the TruSys product family of trunking systems, the TruSys PERFORMANCE luminaires, consists of three different models: TruSys Performance On/Off, TruSys Performance DALI and the TruSys Performance EM (emergency). All generate up to 11,200 lumens with a colour temperature of 4,000 Kelvin. Additionally, they have a very high system efficacy of up to 160 lumen per watt and an average lifespan L80/B10 with up to 60,000 hours. The luminaires can be mounted quickly and easily without any additional tools through a click into place solution while the clever push-buttons also provide more comfort for demounting.

Damp-proof luminaires for special applications

In the industrial sector, in factories with many open milling machines for example, damp-proof luminaires which can withstand residues in the air are needed. The damp-proof luminaires from LEDVANCE are suitable for a wide range of applications as they come in several versions (switchable, DALI, through-wired, battery for safety lighting). Thanks to extensive mounting and suspension accessories, the damp-proof luminaires are easy to install and offer energy savings of up to 50% (compared to luminaires that use fluorescent lamps).


High Bay luminaires – the best choice for lighting in high bay applications

The smart High Bay DALI luminaires from LEDVANCE extend the product family of powerful High Bay luminaires for warehouses, factories and logistics centres. They can be extended with external presence and daylight sensors in a DALI environment – for daylight and occupancy-dependent operation. The High Bay DALI Constant Lumen Output is not only compatible with LMS dimmers and sensors thanks to DALI 2.0 interface, but provides a constant luminous flux throughout its lifetime thanks to constant lumen output.

The newest addition to the LEDVANCE product family of High Bay luminaires is the High Bay VALUE which offers a very homogeneous light distribution due to a frosted tempered glass cover.

The new HQI LED HIGHBAY lamps are ideal for use in large, high spaces such as production halls or high bay warehouses. With 13,000 lm and 20,000 lm they are an attractive LED alternative for applications with high lumen package demand.

The all-in-one solutions: SubstiTUBE T5 and T8 UNIVERSAL

The SubstiTUBE T5 UN and SubstiTUBE T8 UN are energy-efficient all-in-one solutions, replacing traditional T5 and T8 fluorescent lamps. The LED tubes are made of glass and bending is thus avoided. They can also be used in sensitive areas thanks to a shatter protection film.

The new SubstiTUBE T5 Universal is the first of its kind in the market. Low maintenance costs, due to an extremely long lifespan of up to 60,000 hours (L70/B50) and a very high luminous efficacy (up to 160 lm/W for the T8 Universal, up to 155 lm/W for the T5 Universal), ensure a high cost efficiency of the SubstiTUBE T5 and T8 Universal.

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