Lighting Efficiency is Key at Ability International

Lighting Efficiency is Key at Ability International

A recent lighting upgrade using LEDVANCE Damp Proof LED fitting increases illuminance in the manufacturing facility by 20% and delivers 68% energy cost savings.

Peterborough-based Ability International has selected LEDVANCE Damp Proof LED luminaires to retrofit its entire warehouse, in a project to improve the working environment and reduce energy and maintenance costs. The UK company specialises in providing working-at-height solutions, custom-built to client’s specifications and requirements.

With more than 23 years’ experience of manufacturing aluminium scaffold towers and access equipment, Ability International offer many of its solutions custom-built to client’s specifications and requirements.

The company had been based at the site for just over a year when it became apparent that the lighting in the manufacturing facility needed to be updated. The existing lighting installation included 51 six-foot fluorescent linear luminaires with two tubes per fitting. It was using 8.7 kW per hour and costing the business £273 a month. Staff had also voiced their concerns about the lack of light over the work benches and machines.

Retrofitting the entire warehouse area with LED fittings enabled the company to improve the working environment whilst reducing energy and maintenance costs.

Project contractor Lighting Electricians Limited chose LEDVANCE Damp Proof LED luminaires 55W to complete the installation. These luminaires provide uniform light with a wide beam angle of 105° and a high luminous efficacy of up to 115lm/W. IP65 protection makes it ideal for industrial and storage facilities.

The LEDVANCE 55W Damp Proof LED luminaire range is designed to offer easy installation, with stainless steel clamps and safety screws provided alongside mounting accessories (suspension kit, theft protection kit). Reliable luminaire quality with a lifetime of up to 50000 hours, is backed by a five-year guarantee.

Ease of installation and assembly was particularly useful to the team at Lighting Electricians. As part of their commitment to reduce the impact on their client’s operations during a project, the company pre-assembles and completes as much of the installation as possible in their workshop facility off-site. The LEDVANCE products ensured that their time on-site was as efficient as possible. After completing the installation, the contractor recorded that illuminance has improved by 20%. The new luminaires reduced energy demand of the installation by 5kw per hour, saving the client 68% on their energy costs.

Ease of installation was a decisive factor according to contractors Lighting Electricians: “The LEDVANCE luminaires offered an excellent luminous efficacy, at a very reasonable price and with a good guarantee. They look and feel like quality fittings. For us, the deciding factor will always be ease of install. The LEDVANCE fitting connected simply using push-fit connectors with all additional parts included. It was an easy choice after that.”

Delighted client Ability International said: “The end result was a great surprise to us all. The brightness and clarity of light is stunning, with a high visual comfort. It is a lovely clear white light with a great spread, leaving no dark areas a very important feature in an engineering environment. As for the power consumption, the measured energy reduction looks very promising. The figures from the monitor indicate that we should reduce our lighting bill significantly!”
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