New Control4 Driver for Lithe Audio Ceiling Speakers

New Control4 Driver for Lithe Audio Ceiling Speakers

Lithe Audio has developed a new driver that will give Control4 users control over their Award-winning Lithe Audio multi-room Wi-Fi Ceiling Speakers.

Lithe Audio’s innovative Wi-Fi ceiling speakers provide an all-in-one solution for multi-room music streaming. They include built-in 60W RMS amplifiers and Wi-Fi so there’s no need for speaker cables in the walls. Just connect power from the lighting or power circuit and they can simply be set up via Airplay.

The new driver supports SDDP. It allows the user to control volume, track skipping and play, and muting. It also features ‘now playing’ meta data feedback, a ‘now playing’ progress bar, automatic room on/off for streaming, and auxiliary input switching.

“This is significant investment for us and an exciting development for Control4 installers everywhere,” says Amit Ravat, co-founder of Lithe Audio: “We’ve worked closely with our software developers to create a simple but effective driver which will enable installers to utilise the Lithe Audio Wi-Fi ceiling speaker system in projects without running speaker cable or additional infrastructure.”

Until now it hasn’t been easy to retrofit Wi-Fi speakers in a ceiling without connecting to a separate amplifier or running cables through your walls. But Lithe Audio has launched a design that is completely different from anything else currently available in this sector. The innovative ceiling speakers are a fully integrated all-in-one solution, and they deliver superb sound quality with pin sharp clarity.

The speakers work together to seamlessly stream high quality audio from any Wi-Fi-enabled audio service to a single, a selection or up to 30 speakers at once for a full multi-room audio experience.

The Wi-Fi speakers recently won the BUILD 2019 Design & Build Award for ‘Most Innovative in Home Audio Solutions’ and 2019 The Smart Home Award for ‘Innovation of the Year’. They were also 2018 Cedia Award Finalists in the ‘Best Product’ Category for their excellent performance and pin sharp sound clarity

The only AirPlay-certified ceiling speakers available on the market today, the speakers come with Spotify Connect, Deezer, TIDAL and vTuner radio already enabled.

Available from Invision UK

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