New Opal Lamp Range from Amitex LED

New Opal Lamp Range from Amitex LED

Amitex LED continues its mission of offering high quality energy efficiency at affordable prices by updating its range of Opal Lamps.

The range offers direct replacements for incandescent and halogen, replicating both lumen output and appearance.

New products include the 8W Leo Dimmable GLS (1055lm), equivalent to a 100W incandescent; and the 4W Columba Dimmable Golf Ball (470lm) and 4W Argo Dimmable Candle (470lm), which offer direct replacements for old 40W incandescent lamps.

High lumen efficiency is a given, with outputs between 110–132 lm/watt, providing significant energy savings.

The lamps have excellent dimmability using leading edge dimmer switches. All have a colour temperature of 2700K (warm white), and come with a 3-year warranty.

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