The Ultimate Bendable Strip Light

The Ultimate Bendable Strip Light

The new Sensio SIGMA is a unique innovation, taking flexible strip lighting to the next level allowing the bright LED strip to be bent along two axis.

Sigma has a unique 8mm printed circuit board that is cut in a zigzag shape, allowing the installer to bend the strip around a 90° corner without the need for cables or starting a new run.

Sigma is available in a 5m reel, comes with a self-adhesive 3M tape on the reverse for easy fixing, it can be cut to length every 100mm and can be reused up to 50 times. IP20 rated and available in both cool and warm white options, Sigma is an 18W strip boasting 1960 lumens and 300 LEDs.

Sigma is unique in that all other flexible strip lighting on the market requires interconnecting corner cables to continue a run of light around a corner. This not only adds to the cost and installation time, it can also result in a gap in the light flow around the corner area. Sigma is so easy to use and bending the strip requires no equipment, just gently bend the strip to the desired angle.

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