Product Test: ALL LED Lighting

Product Test: ALL LED Lighting

Steve Hewish, Approved Electrician for Turrell Electrical Contractors, tries out a couple of the leading lights from the ALL LED range.

Strip lighting

Strip lighting is really gaining in popularity, thanks to the flexible and unobtrusive way that it can be fitted and utilised. Boasting a very healthy selection of options and styles, strip lighting from ALL LED is available in a number of outputs and lengths to suit the end user’s requirements.

Strip lighting can be particularly useful where some sort of ‘effect’ lighting is required and, having installed some of ALL LED’s product – AST020/30 with aluminium profile (APA004) and driver (ADRCV24200/IP) – in a garage retrofit I’ve been undertaking, I was impressed by the general spread of light output and brightness that it offers.

It illuminated the space so well that there was no need for another light source when working at night. Indeed, this type of strip lighting is absolutely ideal for those locations where installation space is limited at best.

One of the pitfalls of using strip lighting is that electricians can often come unstuck when trying to cut it to specific lengths, so it’s good to know that ALL LED offers a bespoke service for specific types of installations.

All the installer has to do is request the types and lengths of LED strip required, along with the desired length of tails, and ALL LED will do the rest for you at the factory.

Clearly, this is going to speed up installation times and lessen the margin of error for the installer.

All LED also have a huge variety of aluminium profiles to help diffuse the light evenly, as well as large slimline drivers up to 400W in 24V.

Dimmable fire-rated downlight

Another product area that continues to evolve is the fire-rated downlight, with ALL LED’s dimmable range offering 30, 60, 90 and 120 minute fire-rating capabilities.

The product that I was given to review was the AFD010D/30 downlight, and one thing that I particularly like about the range is the push terminals and low voltage connection between the driver and the downlight, which is simple and secure and made for a much easier installation process.

There’s also a nice choice of bezels on offer, which is particularly appealing because it allows you to select from a number of different finishes, dependent on the overall desired look.

The ALL LED dimmable downlight offers a very good light output, with the warm white downlight that I fitted giving a really pleasant colour temperature.

Of course, there are other colour temperatures available, based on what the customer desires, but I’ve had no complaints so far.

Overall, I was glad to have the opportunity to try out these products from ALL LED and would recommend that you take a look at the brand when considering your next lighting installation.

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