Ariston introduces the Pro1 Eco range

Ariston introduces the Pro1 Eco range

Ariston has introduced the Pro1 Eco range of electric storage water heaters, available in 50-, 80- and 100-litre capacities.

The units feature a display that allows for easy operation, with simple temperature setting and control for advanced performance.

As a result, the products are suitable for use throughout a variety of light commercial and domestic applications, including large kitchens, public washrooms and healthcare environments.

The Pro1 Eco takes advantage of WaterPlus technology, which keeps any incoming cold water at the bottom of the tank, ensuring it does not immediately mix with the stored hot water. This results in up to 16% more hot water being available.

It also has an electronic control with automatic learning software – ECO EVO – which enables users to achieve energy savings of up to 14%.

Once a month, the Pro1 Eco automatically increases the water temperature up to 65°C in order to eliminate the risk of legionella bacteria developing. This feature ensures the product is ideal for use in hospitals, schools and care homes.

The inner surface of the tank is enamelled with a layer of titanium, an anti-corrosion and rust-resistant material which prevents the surface from corroding, even when in contact with warm water.

The titanium’s natural properties are boosted by the action of a large magnesium anode that stops the oxidation reactions on the tank’s inner surface, helping to prolong the life of the water heater.

The Pro1 Eco also benefits from an Absolute Safety System, including ‘Anti-Overheating’, ‘Anti-Freezing’ and ‘Dry Heating Self-Diagnosis’ functions, which protect the unit in case of energy or water failures.

This is in addition to precise electronic thermostatic control, as well as the ‘T-MAX’ function that provides a temperature boost in the event of additional hot water being required.

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