Rely on Ariston’s water heaters post-lockdown

Rely on Ariston’s water heaters post-lockdown

As market leaders worldwide, Ariston has an extensive collection of products suitable for all sizes of commercial properties, helping businesses and employees adhere to stricter levels of hygiene, while also accounting for an increase in hot water usage post-lockdown.

Ariston’s energy efficient electric water heaters are available in a range of capacities and sizes, with oversink and undersink models available for light commercial applications such as offices, factories or retail outlets.

Point of use water heaters

Ariston’s Piccolo is a five-litre wall-mounted point of use electric water heater perfect for a single wash basin in a bathroom or toilet facility. As five litres is the average amount of water a person requires to wash their hands, this product is ideal for light usage and businesses with small numbers of employees.

Electric storage water heaters

As more basins require hot water, greater capacity is needed, so for offices or retail outlets where staff numbers (and water usage) is higher, Ariston’s Andris Lux and Andris Lux Eco electric storage water heaters are highly recommended. Units boast capacities of 6, 10, 15 and 30 litres, with the latter capable of feeding two kitchen sinks.

When larger capacities are required further still, Ariston also offers medium-platform electric water heaters such as the Velis Evo Wi-Fi and Pro1 Eco. Modern alternatives to hot water cylinders, the smaller versions of these products (45-50 litre capacities) can supply enough hot water for a shower, while there are larger 80-litre models available when multiple showers and basins are in use.

Instantaneous water heaters

When hot water is required immediately, Ariston’s compact Aures Slim Multi can fill three wash basins or a kitchen sink (supplying one outlet at a time). The advantage of this wall mounted, tankless water heater is that it does not require any heat-up time or water storage space.

For further information regarding which type of electric water heater is best suited for any particular application, Ariston has produced a comprehensive blog on the subject which can be found here.

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