Product Test: C.K Magma Technician’s Wheeled Toolcase

Product Test: C.K Magma Technician’s Wheeled Toolcase

In this review Len Lilley tries out a new home for his precious tools with the C.K Magma Technician’s Wheeled Toolcase.

Have you used C.K products before and what attracted you to this particular item?

I’m a long term fan of the C.K brand and have a number of tools from the range in my selection. The wheeled toolcase seemed like a really interesting, useful and unique product which could help the user to better manage the weight of the equipment that they have to take on-site. I also liked the fact it has the capacity to effectively store and house a number of different tools.

Were there any features of the product that particularly caught your eye?

I was really impressed with the ease of mobility that the toolcase offered and the large, durable wheels make you feel like you’re in full control when wheeling it around as well as coping with a number of different terrains. The toughness of the handle and case also really stood out.

Give us some examples of jobs/tasks where the case proved particularly helpful

I use this case every day and it has basically now become my tool bag thanks to the many storage options such as an extra wide compartment with a red lining for high tool visibility, a zip down front panel featuring tool and A4 document storage, and 35 deep square pockets and tool holders. I also like the fact that I can spot immediately if something is absent, which stops me leaving my tools in customers’ homes or on-site.

What was your favourite feature and why?

I love the fact that it’s so easy to change from a wheeled base to a carry-on case, which is particularly useful when you need to go upstairs. The telescopic handle is extremely strong and sturdy where I’ve found equivalent handles on suitcases to be easily prone to damage and breaking .

Would you recommend the product to other electricians?

Absolutely! It’s a great solution to help you navigate busy sites where you’re required to lug around heavy tools and equipment. There’s ample room for carrying all your hand tools and I can even get my multifunction tester in there with ease, which I know will be well protected. All in all it’s a terrific product and well worthy of the recent Top Product award it received from PE’s readers.

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