Product Test: Ideal Industries’ 61-757 True RMS Ideal Clamp Meter

Product Test: Ideal Industries’ 61-757 True RMS Ideal Clamp Meter

Pete (Monty) Monfort, Director at Arena Training Centre and Monty Electrics, reviews the Ideal Industries 61-757 True RMS Ideal Clamp Meter.

The Ideal 61-757 clamp meter is a well-built, robust unit that it comes in a handy, compact size to ensure easy clamping, especially in tighter spaces. It comes with a convenient zip pouch which protects it in transit and the unit also features a miniature tight sight display on the base, making it easy to take readings, even when the unit is being held at an awkward angle or you’re in low light conditions. You simply switch the lighting on by using the provided back-lit screens and LED torch so you can see what you’re testing more clearly.

Useful range of add-ons

Additional accessories are available in the range, including a hanging strap which can be inserted into the moulded rear of the instrument. The leads feel nice and tough and the tips come with barriers ensuring that GS38 can be complied with as well as having removable covers if a longer probe length is required. Usefully, the test instrument also has a clip to hold one test lead so that only two hands are required to wield the two probes when taking measurements.

Functionality is selected by a large rotating dial and includes:

1. NCV or Non-contact voltage sensing mode Indicates the presence of live conductors. Always confirm that the conductor is dead using the probes to verify voltage.

2. Measurement of frequency, AC or DC current by way of the clamp. Permitting AC/DC current measurement from 3 amps up to 600A.HZ/AC/DC can be selected using the select button.

3. Measurement of AC or DC voltage using the supplied probes with ranges from Mv to 600V and a useful Low Impedance AC setting for eliminating ghost voltages.

4. Measurement of duty cycle or the on and off percentage of time above and below the electrical zero crossing.

5. Measurement of continuity, resistance (ohms), capacitance (Farads), and diodes.

6. Measurement of temperature by way of a supplied temperature sensor.

There is a button situated on the side which offers a very handy function by allowing the data to be captured (HOLD) or a longer press sets the instrument to test the peak value obtained during a measurement. The MaxMin button can also track the upper and lower parameters of a measurement over a period of time.

The uses for this instrument are endless, applicable to domestic, commercial and industrial settings as well as repair shops and automobile electrics. It’s handy for testing voltages and current loads in electrical systems, fault finding, machine repairs, checking temperatures in refrigerators, checking batteries, testing PCB components and many more applications.

Given the publication of Guidance Note 3 (9th Edition), electricians should be aware of the dangers of diverted neutral currents and, as such, your safe isolation procedure will require the use of a clamp meter, which makes this quality unit PPE as well as a test instrument.

With wholesalers selling this at the price of a good night out, I reckon this instrument is well worth a look. It may prove to be a life-saver!

Watch a demo video of the 61-757 Clamp Meter here

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